A Complete Guide To Preparing Your Furniture When Moving

Moving is stressful as you have to consider many things to take along with you.  It can be quite overwhelming for those who are planning and doing it for the first time. One such concern is how to safely pack and move your furniture so that it doesn’t break.

Since the furniture enhances the elegance and sophistication of your interior design, it takes effective planning to pack and remove it. 

Owning glass furniture demands careful planning while moving so that it does not arrive at your new house in fragments. So you must treat your furniture gently when moving, as you would want every item to be in perfect condition. 

Additionally, moving furniture is often among the most expensive and difficult tasks. But the good news is that you no longer have to be concerned about your relocation. You’re probably wondering why we’re saying this. Continue reading to find out the answer.

Professional movers help you relocate your valuable stuff from one location to another. They also provide additional services such as packing and labelling your stuff. Because they are professionals and experienced in their field, they complete each task carefully and on time, making things easier for you. But if you want to do everything on your own, that is also not an issue.

This article will make you learn about various tips that can help you with furniture removal. During every stage of your move, these packing suggestions will help you protect every piece of furniture you own.

Gather the packaging materials – If you have plan to move all your furniture on your own then then first thing that you need to consider is gather the packaging materials.

One of the most prevalent moving myths we encounter is the idea that all you need to protect your furniture is a few cardboard boxes and some packing tape. While these things offer some protection, they cannot entirely prevent harm to your furniture. Numerous items, such as lightweight kitchen utensils, fragile glassware, and cutting-edge technology appliances, must be with you before you start your furniture moving process or before your furniture removalists in Brisbane arrive.

The following are some packaging supplies to obtain: 

  • Pair of scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble paper
  • Packing tape

Disassembling of furniture – The furniture that needs to be disassembled should be prepared in advance. The optimum time to complete these is when you’re still feeling energised because they will take the longest. Specify the outside of the furniture piece to which it belongs and the tools needed for reassembly.

Here are some components you might need to consider when moving:

  • Dismantle the bed frames, including the headboard and footboard.
  • Remove the couches and chair cushions and legs.
  • Take the knobs and other removable components off of the desks and dressers.

Pack the furniture – It can be easy to lose tiny items when you take everything apart. To store screws, hardware, and other small components for each piece of furniture, use a sealable plastic bag. To prevent any hardware from being lost during the move, label the plastic bag with a permanent marker and tape it. Wrap any fragile goods you intend to pack in newspapers, towels, and other soft materials like sheets. By using this technique, you’ll be able to transfer more stuff with fewer boxes, allowing you to get the most out of your packing materials.

Wrap the furniture – The best way to safeguard and get furniture ready for a move is to take the time to wrap everything using wrapping or bubble paper. For delicate items like glass table tops, lamps, and pottery, bubble wrap works best. For upholstered objects like couches and mattresses, plastic wrap works great. Also, you must avoid using bubble wrap or any other sort of plastic wrap while moving hardwood furniture since they might harm the surface. Instead, place a moving blanket or furniture pads between the plastic wrap and the wood to prevent direct contact.

Load the furniture in a moving truck – We suggest that you must hire a furniture removalists in Brisbane, who will bring along a moving truck to help you in loading the heavy and costly furniture. Since they are professionals and have the required knowledge regarding moving, they will make sure your furniture gets transported to the desired location safely and without any damage. They will also assist you in loading the heavy furniture into the moving truck so that you are not injured while carrying such heavy furniture.


Moving furniture requires planning and time. To move your furniture safely and on time, you must start preparing it at least a week before moving day. Moreover, make sure to follow these tips so that your furniture gets to your new home in great shape without any hassle.

So are you ready to begin your adventure? Contact us now!