About telegram’s home screen widget

Telegram’s home screen widget is a convenient way to stay connected with your favorite chats from the Telegram app(电报app). You can use it to quickly reply to messages, mute chats for an hour, and even start new conversations without opening up the app. Read on for all the details!

You can have as many widgets as you like on your home screen

You can have as many widgets on your home screen as you like. If you want to see the latest messages in a specific chat, or for a specific person or topic, there’s no limit on how many widgets you can use. You could even create one for each group that you’re in!

The only limitation is that you can only have one widget on each home screen page, and you can’t use widgets to replace the app’s icon. For example, if you already have a Facebook app icon on your home screen, then you won’t be able to add another one with a chat widget instead.

You can choose which chats you want to be displayed on your widget

You’re in total control of which chats display on your widget.

If you have a lot of different conversations with different people, Telegram is the perfect place to keep track of them all. With a home screen widget, you can view these conversations and choose which ones you want to see at a glance—and which ones need more attention.

It’s also possible to choose which chats are displayed on your widget. If you only want to see the most important conversations, you can make that happen.

The widget will only show privacy set to “everyone”

The widget will only show messages from groups with privacy set to “everyone”, not private groups or channels. It also won’t show messages from a channel if the channel has its privacy settings to “public”.

-Only messages from public groups and channels will be displayed on the widget. -The widget will only show messages from channels if they are public.

The last message will not be previewed

If you’re someone who likes to get notifications when a new message comes in, the widget will not work for you. You’ll only see that a new message has arrived, but not what it says.

There are some other limitations too:

-The widget can’t handle multiple accounts at once. If you have multiple Telegram(中文Telegram下载) accounts, this will only show one of them at a time.

-There’s no way to change which account is being displayed (there’s also no way to add more than one). If there’s another account that would be more useful for your home screen, in particular, you’ll have to uninstall the existing widget and install one with the desired account name instead of “Telegram.”

With this widget, you can start a chat by swiping to the left

With the widget, you can start a chat by swiping left, sending a reply without entering the app, and muting the chat for one hour.

-Swipe left to start a new chat with whoever is on your Top Chats list.

-Swipe right to send a message to this contact directly from your home screen while they’re offline. They’ll get your message when they next open Telegram.

-To lock down an active conversation and prevent new messages from being sent or received within it, swipe up on its icon in the Chats tab of Telegram’s app — this makes it immune to any incoming notifications until you unlock it again (by tapping on its name). To unlock it later, tap on its name or picture at any time after locking it; tap again if there are no active conversations with unread messages in them yet visible when doing so (this will also show all locked conversations if none are shown yet).

A simple way to interact with people without opening an application

The widget is available on Android and iOS. It can be added to the home screen, where it shows messages from your contacts. You can use the widget to start a chat, send replies, and mute chats.


Telegram is a great way to chat with people, and the widget on your home screen makes it even easier to do so. It’s also useful for interacting with groups or channels since you can see who’s in them without opening the app. The widget displays only messages from groups that have set their privacy level to “everyone”, not private groups or channels. You can mute the chat for one hour if it bothers you but other than that there are no previews of messages when using this feature.