Affordable laptop and phone case in singapore

Using a laptop bag can make transporting your laptop much simpler. Indeed, owning a laptop bag makes commuting easier. Moreover, the finest laptop bag is portable and easy to transport. These laptop backpacks also offer additional storage pockets or compartments for various office materials or papers.

 Moreover, carrying a laptop bag or laptop case makes you appear well-dressed while being fashionable. When shopping for a laptop cover, consider its size, durability, comfortability, and other features. With so many laptop bags on the market, which one is the finest laptop bag in Singapore?

While cleaning your phone’s screen is a wonderful habit to develop, you should also safeguard your phone from life’s tiny catastrophes, such as dropping your smartphone on the pavement. A phone cover and screen protector can save your iPhone or Android from having scratches, cracks, or even being destroyed.

 Most significantly, a phone cover isn’t simply handy if you’re clumsy; it may also be a good investment. Some phone covers double as wallets, allowing you to keep your credit cards close to hand, while waterproof phone cases allow you to take your phone to the beach without hesitation. Other aesthetic phone cases are merely decorative and a reflection of your personality.

Laptop bags at the best price


Because of its distinguishing feature, Overboard was named one of our top laptop bags in Singapore. The whole Overboard case and bag line is guaranteed to be waterproof.

Overboard has been one of the world’s most popular bags since the release of their first dry bag in 2006. Overboard ensures that your possessions are kept dry and in good condition in all weather. Thanks to years of hard effort and rigorous research.

Overboard has the Backpack Tidy, which is a weather-resistant laptop bag. The Bag Tidy is a form of organiser that assists you in keeping your laptop or tablet secure within your backpack. What we really like about this product is that it has numerous compartments that allow you to store as much as possible.

This device, in particular, features a pocket that can hold an A4-sized paper or document. There are two mesh compartments for your phone or passport, a key ring attachment, and a pen holder as well. This is also compatible with their Overboard backpacks and most other brands of backpacks. So you won’t have to worry about fitting it in.


Since 1971, Travelsupplies has been one of Singapore’s most trusted luggage and suitcase suppliers. They have consistently evolved their brand throughout the years in order to meet the travel needs of its clients. As a result, Travelsupplies expanded its product line to include duffel bags, gym bags, water bottles, and other items.

If you want a laptop bag that is lightweight and simple to carry. This KEFI Hand Carry Laptop Bag is ideal. This laptop bag is stylish and ideal for travel. This laptop bag is portable and lightweight, yet it is lined with inner fabric to protect your laptop and other electrical devices. 4

Moreover, this device is waterproof, so you can rest confident that your belongings are protected. This device can also accommodate a 15.6′′ laptop. You may also store your mouse or other computer gadgets in the second front pocket.


Tigernu has always emphasised the genuine worth of backpacks, messenger bags, and laptop bags in all of its products. As a result, they keep in mind that, in addition to crafting timeless or classic designs. They also make certain that the quality of these things is not compromised.

In fact, they never stop developing new requirements for their bag, wallet, and accessory lines. Which establish high standards in the bag business.

Tigernu’s best-selling item is the T-B3032C 15.6 inch Laptop Travel Office Backpack Bag. This laptop bag comes in two sizes that can hold either a 15.6′′ or a 17′′ laptop. This gadget is intriguing since it is ergonomically intended for persons. Who handle many and heavy objects on a regular basis. The S-shaped shoulder straps on this Tigernu laptop bag offer adequate ventilation and comfort. Its back panel is also cushioned and has a shock-proof construction. The outside of this laptop bag is made of high density nylon.

 As a result, it is water resistant and scratch resistant. The most crucial feature is that it features multi-functional pockets and compartments for storing your stuff. Another useful feature they included in this laptop bag is a back-hidden anti-theft compartment. Where you may store and protect your belongings.

Ryden, Mark

Mark Ryden is a well-known international bag brand. Mark Ryden has been consistently improving their goods using cutting-edge technology since 2012. At the same time, they make certain that their bag lines remain contemporary and appropriate for any lifestyle.

Mark Ryden’s Water Repellent Laptop Sleeves are another sort of thin and lightweight laptop bag available in Singapore. This gadget is portable and can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop. This laptop sleeve is water resistant because it is composed of polyester.

In addition, the interior of this laptop bag is lined with a thickening soft flannel. As a result, this function protects your laptop and other devices. This product is ideal if you want a lightweight laptop sleeve. You can simply carry or keep inside your bag when traveling.

There are affordable phone cases.


When all you need is a traditional, comfy case that gets the job done, the Incipio Duo comes in handy. This thin case is not only protective, but it also has raised corners to safeguard your phone’s screen if it falls out of your hands.

The case’s smooth texture makes it simple (and pleasurable) to grasp, and its ultra-responsive buttons are among its strong points. While we enjoy the Duo’s pricing point, if you want something a little more distinctive, Incipio has collaborated with designers like Kate Spade and Coach to provide more unique designs.

The FR Series

Are you concerned about dropping your phone in the pool or lake? This FR by Lifeproof case is just what you require. It shields your phone from water, snow, dirt, and even the floor if you drop it (the firm is owned by OtterBox, so you can rely on the case’s durability).

 In our lab testing, we were able to immerse the phone case entirely under 6.5 feet of water for an hour without injury. In reality, you can still use your fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone when it is submerged in water. Our professionals also enjoy how simple it is to put on and use the phone case, allowing you to easily change out your usual cover if you’re going to the beach.

Access to the Mophie Juice Pack

Those who own an iPhone X or preceding model and find that their battery is constantly running low would enjoy this Mophie battery case, which will protect your phone while also providing some additional energy!

 The phone cover is remarkably tiny for having a built-in backup battery that can wirelessly provide your phone with up to 31 hours of battery life, according to our experts. We appreciate that there’s an on/off switch to prevent overcharging, and that the lightning connection isn’t obstructed by the case, allowing you to use wired headphones while charging.

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