HP Printer Keep Going Offline?[Solution]

There can be various answers to your question that is “why does my HP printer keep going offline.” Because offline printers won’t accept new print jobs and handle them to create printouts of good quality, this error notification may be inconvenient.

Want to know how to fix an offline HP printer? This is a critical but quite common issue that has to be fixed right now. Are you not?

Why does My HP Printer Keep Going Offline?

If you’re wondering why My HP Printer is Offline, there may be a number of causes. The following are some of the causes that could exist:

  • The PC has out-of-date drivers for your printer.
  • Connection problems with the printer and computer can cause the same issue.
  • An offline printer issue might also be faced by setting errors.
  • All of these causes have a specific resolution mechanism that is defined. Have a quick glance to find out more!

Methods to Fix HP Printer Keeps Going Offline Issue?

We gather a wide range of probable fixes to restore your printer’s online status after an HP Printer Offline. Once you’ve solved the issue, stop going on to the next line of problem-solving instructions.

Diagnose The Problem

  • First, ensure that Printer Offline Mode on the HP Printer is not active. 
  • Start > Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Printer & Scanner should be selected. 
  • If your printer is in the queue, choose it. Make sure the Printer Offline option is not checked in the Printer section now.

Restart Your System

  • Restarting the system is the easiest way to bring the printer online.
  • Many problems that could be causing a printer to appear offline abruptly can be resolved by rebooting the device.
  • Keep pressing the power button until the printer turns off, or disconnect the power line from the printer.
  • Reconnect with electricity and hit the “Power button.”
  • You now need to give the printer some time to reboot completely.
  • Try printing your document once more. If it starts working, your printer’s offline problem has been resolved.

Resolve Paper Jam Problem

  • One of the potential causes of the how to get online printer query is a paper jam inside the printer.
  • Jam papers should be removed securely and placed correctly.
  • If the refill and toner are finished, log off.
  • Replace empty toner cartridges in order to resolve the offline printer issue.

Setting the Default Printer

  • It does not resolve your offline printer to reset your printer and check for connectivity and paper jam problems.
  • Resetting the default printer will fix the problem.
  • Select “Devices and Printers” from the drop-down menu next to “Use printer offline.”
  • Activate the most recent printer driver.

Examine Connection Problems

  • If a printer is not linked to your computer, it can also stop working.
  • A USB cable connects your computer and printer.
  • You can solve the offline issue by unplugging it and replugging it into a different USB port.

Final Wrap

It makes sense that you might wonder why does my HP Printer Keep Going Offline does. Still, don’t panic; you can get assistance from above methods to address this problem. Call the reachable support number if the HP printer has not yet come online to speak with the technical professionals about fixing the problem. They will offer you some practical ways so you can get your printer online after it has been offline.