Qualities to Assess while Choosing the Right Technology Partner for your Brand

The modern technology in the business landscape is becoming essential each passing day, with emerging needs for more specialized expertise.

Even companies with an in-house technical team sometimes need to hire offshore dedicated developers to deal with cybersecurity, certain cutting-edge app development, or particular management services. 

When choosing the perfect technical partner, it is not only significant to evaluate them based on competitive price. It is also crucial to identify who they really are, their offerings, the technology they prefer, and the way they build products. 

Working with technology partners can be great for your business, but finding the right one is a tough nut to crack. 

In this article, we give a brief insight on how to choose the right technical partner for smooth business functioning online. So let’s get going.

What makes a wonderful tech partnership?

|1. Areas of Expertise

The best technology partner not only shares their technical expertise but also aids their partners to develop a robust product and a brand. 

They do not have skills only for digital product development but also understand how to use their expertise in other business areas.  

Just writing a lengthy code does not make anyone an expert. Real expertise lies in experience and competence to develop a software solution that suits your strategy and helps you achieve success. 

When you are looking for a good partner, consider

Bench strength
Proactivity from a technical perspective 
Former projects 
Their clients  

|2. Full Transparency 

Make sure the working process is clearly defined and let you monitor the progress during the entire development cycle. 

A company should provide you with a detailed working plan for your project and explain each development stage. 

Additionally, they should update you about each progress they make and provide credentials of a task-monitoring system. So you can follow the progress and submit your feedback for any improvements. 

Find out, 

If they have any clear working approach
If they offer you tools to follow the progress and control the development process
If they are ready to adjust their process according to your certain needs  

|3. Systematized Collaboration

A healthy relationship and a successful project need effective and systematized collaboration. 

To acknowledge the clients’ requirements and keep them updated, every tech partner has different collaboration modes and feedback channels. You can determine your tech partner’s quality by focusing on how willing they are to communicate openly. 

A few details will help you to identify a good tech partner for your project needs such as, 

  • Response time
  • Eagerness to put extra efforts
  • Openness to accept suggestions  

An average programmer with good communication skills is way better than an expert one with zero communication skills. 

To determine how compelling your tech partner is in terms of communication, you need to consider,  

If they can collaborate effectively or not
If they are money-oriented and talk about money more than product progress 
If they ask for more clarification on the issues you are willing to resolve 
If they determine your priorities and pay attention to you
If they are open to potential risks or not
If they respond to your email on time   

|4. Flexibility 

It is very significant to stay flexible and tweak your approach to things whenever it is required. 

As the project initiates and changes are implemented necessarily, make sure your tech partner offers the flexibility you need and can rapidly respond to modifications. 

It is also beneficial to search for a tech partner that acknowledges a sales approach. It aids reveal what your sales team can deliver to potential clients and what is feasible to deliver within the tech platform. 

|5. Eagerness & Credibility 

A good tech partner should always be passionate about your product as their own. They will help with

Product architecture
Choose the most suitable technology stack
Inform about any changes in the product 
Assist before & after product launch 
Provide support and maintenance    

When circumstances are complicated, good technology partners show the mannerism of Credibility. They always take responsibility for their mistakes without playing the blame game. 

They understand the clients’ pain and deliver the best solution. 

|6. Development Methodology

Make sure that your potential tech partner makes use of the most suitable development method according to your needs. It should cover all the aspects of the development process such as,

Writing different client acceptance checks 
Quality assurance 
Feedback recording system maintenance  
Documenting minor/major modifications and their effect  

The development team should offer you different development methodology options. They should explain the positives/negatives of each of them to help you make the right choice. 

|7. References 

Having genuine feedback from the clients of your potential tech partner will help you get a better sense of what you can expect. 

Ask their clients about,

Work quality
Meeting deadlines 
Customer service 
Workload management 
Long-term engagements   

Also, companies must sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with clients. It is not feasible to get in touch with former clients or speak with them directly. 

|8. Success Assurance

The development of future-ready software solutions is challenging. 

A client-focused technology partner will never hide difficulties but rather effectively recommend approaches to solve them. They are always transparent about possible problems, so you can expect accordingly. 

Consider the following,

If they try to acknowledge your priorities, preferences, and objectives 
If they develop a scalable digital product 
If they help you during the production phase as well as after the product release
If they address your unique business needs and support immediate as well as long-term goals.

|9. Considering the Price 

Price is not the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing the perfect tech partner. Initially, it looks like a budget-friendly deal but later you need to pay more than expected. 

In case your product does not work, you need to develop it from scratch which costs you even more. 

So make sure your potential tech partner is worth the value and time. 

In the long run, saving money is not the only thing that matters, but you should be able to earn great ROI.

Analyze that,

If they give a clear and understandable estimation
If they suggest resource optimization
If they consider whether the investment is likely to provide an ROI
If they add value to your business  

If you get the digits higher than your expectation, it does not mean an investment is not worthy. 

If a tech partner is confident in their solutions and provides reasonable remuneration, then price should not be your priority when deciding to invest with them. There are different other factors as well to consider. 

Why should you opt for IT Partner? 

When you have the right technology partner, it will help you to overcome different technical concerns such as,

Cybersecurity vulnerability 
Lack of needed focus on the core business 
Volatile or unreliable technology  
Inadequate resources use 
Poor customer support and service 

In a Nutshell

The global health crisis has had a huge impact on organizations around the world and their need to adopt the technology. More than ever, businesses are looking for dedicated offshore tech partners to address their digital development needs. 

There are a plethora of technical partners to select from with their own range of services, expertise, and years of experience. Since it is a wide-ranging field, chances are high that you get confused in your choices. 

Picking the right tech partner needs careful consideration of all the aspects mentioned above before making a final decision. Choose wisely as it can make or break your digital presence.