Sri Lanka work visa requirements for Australian citizens

Sri Lanka is one of the developing and growing economies in the world. This is a country which is not only famous for tourism but also for the working class. You can see that today Sri Lanka is home to many international companies who are providing opportunities for not only locals but also international citizens like the ones coming from Australia. If you are from Australia and are looking for work opportunities in Sri Lanka then you need to read this post. In this post we are going to tell you about the work Sri Lanka visa for Australian passport holders and its requirements. If you want to work in SA then you need to get a work visa to Sri Lanka from Australia before you travel.

Now there are different requirements that you need to complete if you want to get the work visa for Sri Lanka. Usually people think that they can find a job in Sri Lanka and stay there while they are on their tourist visa but this is not true. The travel or tourist visa for Sri Lanka for Australians is only valid for pleasure trips. You cannot work or find work during your tour nor can you get any job. So you need a work visa to Sri Lanka from Australia so that you can work there on merit and legibly.

What are the requirements to obtain a work visa for Sri Lanka?

If you want to get the Sri Lanka work visa then you need to complete the requirements that we have mentioned below for your knowledge. Know that the requirements of a work visa are different from that of a Sri Lanka tourist visa for Australians.

  1. First of all you would need a valid passport. At the time of applying for a work visa to Sri Lanka from Australia you have to make sure that your passport has a validity of six months. The passport should also have at least one blank page for stamping.
  2. Now other than the passport the most important thing you need to show is the letter from the employer in Sri Lanka. Before you apply for a visa you need to apply for a job in Sri Lanka. You can apply online today. Once your job is secure you must get an employment letter from the office and attach it with application. This is the most important requirement to get a work visa to Sri Lanka from Australia.
  3. You also need to attach a board of investment certificate for the employer in Sri Lanka to get the work visa for Sri Lanka for Australian citizens. 
  4. You need to provide the company’s registration certificate with the visa application.
  5. Other than this you would also need to show a recommendation letter from the concerned ministry in Sri Lanka.

Know that getting a work visa is not easy like getting the Sri Lanka visa on arrival for Australians. So it is important that you take help from a professional visa agency. They would help you get a work visa to Sri Lanka from Australia in no time at all.