All You Need to Know About Using the CenturyLink Internet for Gaming

Online gaming is one of the trends that have captured the attention of people across the globe. Today online gaming is not just a hobby but has become a huge industry expanded over four corners of the world. The incredible growth in online gaming has influenced internet service providers in the United States of America including CenturyLink to bring innovation in their internet services.

Keeping in consideration the dynamic needs of every household across the landscape of the country, ISPs are widely offering internet plans that deliver perfect solutions for hardcore gamers. However, the real game here is to find the best of the best internet service provider with a rightly tailored internet plan or package for you.

We have a range of internet solutions at almost every internet service provider in the United States offering the best features to support your gaming needs. It is a common practice that we usually do impulsive decisions without going through detailed research work. Sometimes this habit can put us into a serious situation leading us towards dissatisfaction, disappointments, and significant financial losses.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of how you can pick the right fit for your gaming needs and what you should need to look into an internet solution. If you agree with our claims and intend to get answers to such questions, you have landed on the right blog. We have added every single piece of information that you may need to know before picking any internet solution for your online gaming needs.

So, without any further ado, let’s get down right into the topic!

Take Gaming to New Horizon with CenturyLink Internet Services

This internet service provider is best known for the quality services it is offering to a huge customer market across different states in the US. However, if we talk about its internet solution for hardcore gamers, you will always find blazingly fast internet speed, freedom from data, security for internet devices, and reliability. These are the factors that have contributed remarkably to take this internet service provider to next level in the telecom and internet industry of the USA.

CenturyLink is offering a DSL and fiber-optic-based internet network that assures you have reliable connectivity because of its robust infrastructure that has won the hearts of its customers. Each of these internet connection types has pros and cons and delivers exceptionally good internet service that supports intense internet activities including online gaming.

However, your decision to go for either DSL or Fiber-optic based internet connection broadly depends on the availability of any of its internet service types in the area you are currently living in. So, before proceeding further, we would like to mention here to check out the availability of any CenturyLink Internet Deals, offers, bundles, or connection types in your area either using the zip code search technique or reaching out to the customer support representative of the ISP.

CenturyLink Customer Support Services

Fortunately, the internet service provider is known for having a 24/7 active, responsive, and cooperative customer support team. CenturyLink believes in offering optimal convenience to its customers. That’s the reason it always comes up with service solutions focusing on customers’ demands and needs in the country.

The customer support representatives at this internet service provider actively resolve your queries at their earliest, once you report any complaints. All the customer support reps are highly trained and well-equipped with information essential to handle varying problems they are receiving from the customers’ side.

Moreover, if you want to get the best advice for one of the extended ranges of CenturyLink Internet Plans, packages, bundles, offers, and deals, you should subscribe to have an exceptionally smooth online gaming experience. And for that, nothing can serve you better than the customer support rep at CenturyLink.

What Factors do You Need to Look for in an Internet Service for Online Gaming?

Now you must have enough understanding of why the internet service provider is best for hardcore gaming. It’s time for you to learn some important factors that may have a direct effect on the experience you will have with your internet connection. There are a lot of things you need to check while exploring different options available on the ISP’s platform.

We know that asking the customer support rep for assistance in this regard is also a good option. But, it is also your responsibility to decide what you need in your internet plan to perfectly meet your online gaming needs. Then match your needs with the internet service solutions the customer support rep has offered you. Hope you got our point, haven’t you?

We can understand that it is very difficult to decide what to look into an internet plan while deciding which one to pick. Therefore, we have added a couple of factors below in this blog that you can keep in your mind and then compare with the internet plans available at the ISP to offer you.

So, stay calm and keep scrolling because you are a couple of scrolls away from your desired internet solution.

· Download Speed you will get with the Internet Plan for Online Gaming

It’s all about speed and reliability when it comes to online gaming. No matter how smartly you are playing in an online competition, if your internet starts buffering, nothing can prevent you from losing. Moreover, the performance of online games gets incredibly stunning if you are using a blazingly fast internet connection. That’s the reason the minimum requirements for download speed have been set by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Nonetheless, 25 Mbps is the minimum download speed that you should have if you are looking for a smooth and buffer-free gaming experience. But for online gamers who frequently participate in competitions, your baseline download speed should be 50 Mbps and for this situation download speed offered by this internet service provider has no match.

· Upload Speed You Should Go for in an Online Gaming Internet Plan

The second factor in our checklist is upload speed. Most of the time, the internet service providers stress download speed solely rather than advertising the uploading speed as well. Interestingly, upload speed is as important as download speed when it comes to any internet activity. Particularly, if we talk about online gaming, the upload speed is equally important as the download speed especially if you want to enjoy first-person shooters and multiplayer games.

In such online games, you need to have prompt response and reflexes time. In certain situations, your internet plan or package will be of no use if it is not offering you the desired upload speed. Moreover, if you are playing recreational games, you need to have at least 5 Mbps upload speed whereas the recommended upload speed for such competitive gaming is 10 Mbps (minimum).

Furthermore, for broadcasting your online gaming experience live using services such as Twitch you need to have a 15 to 20 Mbps upload speed at least.

· Data Allowance or Freedom from Data Limits

The third factor you should check in the internet plans available at CenturyLink for hardcore gamers is data allowance. We know that online gaming is truly a data-intensive activity that generally consumes a significant amount of data from your internet plan. However, the consumption level depends on the type of online game you are playing.

For instance, if you are a fan of Starcraft 2 it will consume 20 MB of data for every hour, for Destiny 2 you need to lose 300 MB of data per hour, whereas Dota 2 will take 120 MB straight from your data for every hour of gaming. Sounds surprising? It must be.

Therefore, we would like to suggest you go for 1 TB data (at least) internet plan until you reach out to an internet solution that offers you freedom from data limit every month. Why? Because there is a lot to do in a household using your internet connection that will always consume data from your internet plan.

So, if you don’t want to pay huge monthly internet bills bearing penalties for data overage, try to follow our tips and ask your internet service provider for a limitless data solution.

· Latency Rate or Ping Time

Last but not least in our list is ping time or latency rate you should also check while exploring any internet solution at this internet service provider. It is the time your system requires to receive and send data from the game server. Moreover, it can ruin your overall performance while playing an online gaming competition. Thereby we would like to recommend you go for an internet solution with a low latency rate or ping time.

Luckily, the ISP is offering 24-42 milliseconds latency in its DSL internet connection, 10-15 milliseconds in its fiber-optic internet connection, and 15-27 milliseconds in its cable internet connection.  Now it is your call to decide which latency rate or ping time you can tolerate while playing an online game.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, we have successfully provided enough information to you that will assist you in deciding which one from the variety of internet solutions available at this internet service provider will serve you the best. However, you need to make sure of the availability of the internet plan, offer, bundle, or package you have chosen in your vicinity before rushing to initiate the subscription process. You can also contact the customer support rep of CenturyLink by dialing 1-855-349-9310.