As you apply the sealant, you must protect

When you buy a block of cement, you usually have to pay extra to ensure that the block of cement remains fresh. This happens because of the moisture in the cement. The moisture level of cement can range between 6-25%. This can be hazardous, especially if the cement has absorbed moisture for long. In most cases, water in concrete is a natural process.

As the cement dries out, it absorbs moisture and becomes more prone to cracking and crumbling. This is why it is so important to apply adequate maintenance to the cement. You can do Harga Beton Adhimix this by applying sealant to the exterior surface of the concrete. Sealing the exterior surface will prevent moisture from being absorbed into the cement.

As you apply the sealant, you must protect the surface from dust and sand that can cause the sealer to peel off and expose the wet surface of the concrete. Another way to prevent moisture from getting into the concrete is to add an additive called methylene blue. When you add methylene blue, it reacts with oxygen and produces a chemical compound that prevents moisture from getting into the concrete.