Best Free Football Streaming Sites to Watch a Match Live

Soccer fans are all over the world and billions of people love to play and watch major soccer tournaments.

Well, if you have been searching for reliable places to watch football matches online, then you are reading the right article.

So, these are some of the best free football sites worth checking out.


The first and one of the most reliable football streaming places on the list is SonyLiv. This well-developed sports streaming site can be used to watch live soccer events and highlights.

After registering with SonyLiv, you can even follow your favorite football club. Also, if you get the paid subscription, the service offers personalized content.

In addition to streaming football, SonyLiv also has a section dedicated to sporting event updates and news. Aside from football, you can also watch other major sports like live cricket, tennis, basketball, and WWE at SonyLiv.


The next and one of the most popular free soccer streaming places on the list is ESPN. Most of the content on ESPN is available in FHD or HD quality and aside from watching football; you can also stream many other major sports.

Similar to SonyLiv, ESPN also shows real-time scores updates and tournament timing.

As for the drawbacks, ESPN is only available to US residents. Also, some games require a valid cable or satellite subscription.


Speed-24 is another free and reliable live soccer streaming site that has a very well-developed video player. Well, there’s no sign-up to the service and right away you can watch live soccer streams and replays of your favorite tournaments.

Speed-24 is very important in the Indian region.

Speed-24 also has native Android and iOS apps with which you can watch football events on the go. As for the drawbacks, the free Speed-24 account delays the live stream for a few minutes.


Yes, you read that right Facebook can also be used as a place to stream free football. That said, it is not possible to find and view all football events on Facebook.

To see a specific football event, you just have to search for it on Facebook. Now select the video section and by selecting the live filter you can even watch live football events.

Facebook has a very well developed video player that optimizes the quality of videos based on your internet speed. In addition to this, Facebook also suggests related videos that can surely impress any football enthusiast.


Stream2Watch is another reliable place to stream football live. You can easily stream all major football matches to Stream2Watch. In addition to streaming, Stream2Watch also offers a detailed schedule of upcoming football matches.

The chat feature allows users to interact with other viewers as the match progresses.

The video quality and streaming speeds at Stream2Watch aren’t the most reliable, but they definitely get the job done. Lastly, aside from football, you can also enjoy other sports such as basketball, cricket, golf, hockey, and much more.


Laola1 is one of the best sports streaming sites that have a very well developed user interface. With Laola1 you can easily watch many important football events.

Aside from live broadcasts, Laola1 also shows scores updates and schedules for different sporting events. Since Laola1 is based in Austria, most of the content is dedicated to Austrian viewers.

Similar to other websites on the list, Laola1 can also be used to watch many other sports such as football, ice hockey, motor sports, table tennis, handball, and much more. Overall, Laola1 is a reliable football streaming site.


Yes, Reddit can also be used as a reliable football streaming site. The first page of the internet does not host live sports broadcasts, but you can definitely find unofficial links provided by like-minded football enthusiasts to replay football events.

You can easily join your favorite team’s subnet and stay up to date on upcoming games and news.

Similar to Facebook, it’s not possible to find links to every major football event on Reddit. Also, not all links on the platform are trustworthy and some may even end up as annoying ads.

 VIP League

The next reliable football streaming venue on the list is VIP League. Well, VIP League is possibly the only football streaming venue available in about seven languages.

Needless to say, you need to create a free account to watch free football streams.

VIP League has a very well developed video player that optimizes the video quality based on your internet speed. As for the drawbacks, the ads in VIP League can annoy many users. Overall VIP League is an awesome website to watch live football streaming.

Yahoo Sports

If you just want to update live soccer scores, Yahoo Sports will definitely surprise you. Well, Yahoo Sports isn’t actually a sports streaming site, but it can be used to keep up to date on many different sports. Yahoo Sports also has its native apps for Android and iOS.

Once you create a free account, Yahoo Sports offers personalized content based on your interests. Yahoo Sports’ in-depth articles and videos help users stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of soccer.

Fox Sports

The last football streaming venue on the list is Fox Sports. At Fox Star there is a section dedicated to football. Similar to Yahoo Sports, through Fox Sports you can read detailed articles based on sports news. Additionally, Fox Sports also provides a detailed description and match schedule for each match week.

In general, Fox Sports is a reliable place for football fans and the transmission speed and quality of the videos are also impressive.


These were some of the best soccer streaming sites. You can easily watch your favorite football tournament or event and even check live score updates using these websites.

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