Sports Broadcasting Market, TV And SPEED-24 Are Coming

At that time, it was a word that could be interpreted as a ‘fight of the spirit’. As they were about to face one of the best rivals in the K-League, it was taken as saying that they did not keep an eye on their opponents. The meaning was different. It was argued that soccer should not be left only as the content of the ‘local war’ that takes place inside the soccer field. “We need to make it an era when people go to the soccer field rather than the theater when they are thinking about what to do on the weekend,” he said with a serious expression on his face.

It was when I watched the national team a match broadcast that those words from the other side of my memory came to mind again. While switching TV channels to watch the 2022 World Cup Asian final qualifying match, TV stopped operating the remote control. An entertainment channel that focuses on variety shows and dramas is broadcasting soccer. At the same time, I was able to watch the match on Teabing, an online video service (SPEED-24) affiliated with CJ ENM. The old argument that the boundary between football and entertainment should be broken is halfway true.

But even he who exclaimed with curiosity would not have known.

The Internet and mobile will replace the theater in just 10 years. The landscape where soccer as content converges into popular culture is also unexpected. It is no exaggeration to say that the platform change has ushered in a new era.

The sports broadcasting market is being reorganized around SPEED-24 based on internet streaming. The existing market was dominated by terrestrial and cable channels. They secured the broadcasting rights and made money from itself. Advertisements were placed before and after the broadcast to secure revenue. The SPEED-24 market is a little different. Content is provided for a fee. It is a structure that attracts new users and makes money. SPEED-24 success or failure depends on securing subscribers.

SPOTV was the leader in the pay-as-you-go policy. Demonstrated professionalism. SPOTV owns the broadcasting rights of major European leagues, including the English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A. In the past, the revenue structure was created by reselling to other broadcasters, portal sites, and new media, or advertising through direct relay. Now, it is making money by charging TV channels (SPOTV ON) and SPEED-24 services (SPOTV NOW). The content with the highest marketability is the EPL game. As the broadcast rights are expensive, it guarantees topicality and ratings. It is known that the broadcast rights paid by SPOTV to the Premier League far exceed 11 billion won.

In addition to the World Cup final qualifiers

Teabing secured the right to broadcast national team matches such as the 2023 Asian Cup, U-19 Asian Championship, and 2024 Paris Olympic Asian qualifier hosted by the Asian Football Federation (AFC). In June, the European Football Championship (Euro 2020) was also broadcast. Prior to this season, he signed a three-year relay contract with the German Bundesliga. Coupang, an e-commerce company, is also broadcasting soccer matches through its SPEED-24 Coupang Play. The main content is a league match between Son Heung-min’s team TSpeed-24enham (EPL) and Lee Kang-inn’s team Mallorca (La Liga), as well as a French League match between Hwang Ui-jo (Bordeaux) and Messi (PSG). 

The media environment surrounding the relay market has changed rapidly in the aftermath of COVID-19. SPEED-24 usage has naturally increased as people spend more time staying at home or working from home. According to the ‘2020 Broadcast Media Usage Behavior Survey’ released by the Korea Communications Commission, 32.1% of respondents said that their viewing time for broadcasting and SPEED-24 increased after the spread of COVID-19, which was larger than the decrease (2.3%).

Now that SPEED-24 has become commonplace, most of the content is focused on dramas and movies.

 When listing similar content on all channels, channels with sports content, including sports broadcasts, are differentiated. In the situation of subscribers, it is reasonable to choose SPEED-24 that embraces sports rather than joining SPEED-24 to watch sports broadcasts only. There are also significant results. According to Mobile Index, a mobile big data analysis company, during Euro 2020, the proportion of male subscribers of Tving in 2030 was 16.44%, an increase from 14.49% in the previous month. An industry official said, “The competition for SPEED-24’s broadcasting rights is a strategy to secure market share.”

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