Best social media platfroms to enjoy in 2022

What social media platforms are going to dominate in 2022? That is a question on many people’s minds as they look around at the ever-changing landscape of social media. So this blog post will take a look at what some of the major platforms will be. As a note, these recommendations are not based on the opinion of any particular person or company, but rather an analysis of current trends and data.


One company that has been quick to adapt with Instagram’s increasing popularity is Facebook, who acquired them back in 2012 for $1 billion. Instagram continues to grow and expand its features every day as more content creators find their way onto this platform. Imginn makes it easy to download photos and videos from Instagram.

Marco Polo:

1.4 billion active users (2nd most popular app on the planet)

Instagram’s fastest growth to date came in 2017, when it claimed over 800 million users. And by 2022 Instagram is expected to be the second most popular app in use after WhatsApp, with 1.5 billion users globally. Instagram is currently one of the best social media platforms for sharing photos, videos and other content across blogs and other websites. As this platform continues to grow in size, Instagram continues to attract more users who want a platform that can easily be used by others across different devices and platforms including smartphones, laptops and desktop computers.


1 billion active users (1st most popular app on the planet)

As Instagram grows, WhatsApp continues to gain more and more users. This is in no small part due to Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp for $19 billion back in 2014. According to reports, this acquisition has helped Facebook reach 1 billion monthly active users for the first time ever.


Snapchat had a pretty rough introduction with it’s initial public offering (IPO) in 2013. This was despite its $3.1 billion valuation at that time. However, as of June 2018 they are currently valued at $32 billion and are expected to continue growing at a rapid pace over the next few years.


Discord is a third party messaging/voice communication platform built in 2016 by ex-Googlers and former Microsoft employees. Discord has been responsible for increasing transparency between developers and gamers, while reducing the toxic behavior that occurs within some gaming communities. With 1.5 billion users globally, Discord is rapidly growing as it provides an alternative to traditional chat platforms like Slack and Skype.


Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app with a focus on speed and security.

Telegram users can create channels for sharing messages with large groups of people. A Telegram chat can have up to 200 members, which makes it more comfortable for conversations than many other instant messaging apps.

If you are looking for a private chat that is encrypted so that no one but the two of you can read the messages, choose Telegram over WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. For extra security, you should also use Telegram in Incognito Mode — this mode has an ad blocker — and download the client using proxy servers like Tor Browser or ZenMate VPN Proxy trial versions (if available).


Signal is also an encrypted messenger, but it also offers plenty of features and is available on many platforms. It works with phones, tablets, and other devices — it’s not just a mobile app. If you want the general benefits of Telegram such as speed and security, but you also want more features like voice calls and group chats that operate across servers all over the world, try Signal. Itworks well with a proxy server like Hoxx VPN or secure client tunneling services like Socks5 Proxy or ZenMate VPN Proxy.


Periscope is one of the more popular mobile apps in the social networking category. This app lets you broadcast live video to viewers who follow you on the app and tweet comments to you. It’s a great way to interact with your followers, answer questions, share new ideas, and spread your message.Periscope lets you control who can see your broadcasts by checking their Twitter profiles before letting them watch. This is a good way to filter out trolls or spammers before they can interact with you or your comments.


Vimeo is a video hosting service, but it’s not just for people who want to broadcast their lives on the internet. Vimeo hosts a wide variety of content from music videos to movies and TV shows. It’s also a good place to host your personal or professional projects like pro-filmed videos, music, or home movies.Vimeo has a lot of tools available to its users: you can upload and download videos, create playlists, and share with others using social media. You can even make PDFs of your videos so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the cloud if someone downloads them using BitTorrent Sync or other similar applications.