Top Best apps for listening music by 2020

Music is a vital part of many people’s lives. Music can be both soothing and energizing, depending on the situation. There are a lot of different types of music out there to enjoy, but as people get older they may find it harder to hear certain frequencies. Therefore, listening to music in some cases can be challenging for those who have impaired hearing or deafness.

In this blog post we’ll share with you the best apps for listening to music by 2022 (or even sooner). These apps will not only have features that are easy for those with hearing impairment but also be tailored around new technologies such as smart speakers.


AIMP is an open-source audio player that has a wide range of functionality. AIMP can play and convert media files including several video, audio, and image formats. It integrates with many different web services and features a skinned interface with several themes to choose from. This app allows users to edit metadata and customize their experience.

BlackPlayer EX:

BlackPlayer EX is a free audio player that supports both cloud storage and local music files. The app boasts an extensive library of songs and also has a killer feature called Equalizer. This feature lets users control the overall sound of their music with ease. The app also has its own in-app music store so users can do away with third-party stores within BlackPlayer. This app serves as the best audio player for deaf people.


Inky is an open source audio player that uses a minimalist design to give you full control over your music experience without any distractions. It incorporates many features such as Folder Viewer, Dock Mode, Main Menu, Cover Viewer, Next/Previous Playlist, and Playlist Manager.

DoubleTwist Music Player:

DoubleTwist Music Player is a cross-platform player that works on both mobile and desktop. It offers users a huge variety of services including music, podcast, and video library management. The app also lets users wirelessly sync media to their devices through OneSync. This app can serve as the best audio player for people with hearing impairment.

TuneIn Radio:

TuneIn Radio is a free radio player that lets users easily tune into live stations around the world in over 60 different genres of music. The app will automatically synchronize on different devices and allow you to enjoy great music on your own time without network interruptions or buffering issues.


Imagine being able to take your music with you, and enjoy it on the go. You are free to listen to the music of your choice, whenever and wherever you want. No need to spend hours downloading multiple files that just get lost in a digital abyss. With MediaMonkey’s auto-sync feature, all of the hard work is taken care of for you! MediaMonkey is capable of playing digital media files from CDs and DVDs (if they contain digital copies) or from any location on your computer’s hard drive. It can also be used as a ripping tool for audio CDs; it has ample built-in functionality for editing tags for compilation albums; and it can be used as a tagging application for any file type. There are a lot of ways to download tunes on the web, but MP3 juice is the simplest and best.


Musicolet is a desktop audio player for Windows that plays music from your hard drive or from a CD. Musicolet’s interface is based on the classic MPlayer system. The user has full control of the music playback, leading to an exceptional user experience not found in most other players.

Neutron Player:

Neutron Player lets you listen to audio files stored on your PC, as well as streaming audio from the Web. It is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. Neutron Player can play music from a variety of common formats (MP3, WAV and OGG) in both Ogg Vorbis format, which is supported by Ogg Theora and a variety of other players. It can also play Real Audio containing AACS encryption and Real Media containers containing DTS streams.

Oto Music:

Oto Music is a music player for Gnome that uses the Brasero disc burning application to play, create, and burn CDs. Brasero is a simple and easy to use CD/DVD burning application for GNOME.

GNOME Music Player:

GNOME Music Player is a GTK+-based audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface, nice features, and minimal dependencies.