Best Time To Visit Laka Glacier Trek


Laka Glacier trip is a short weekend trek and also a popular one.This is situated in KangraThe total distance of the trek is 13 kilometres. This easy trek is also suitable for beginner trekkers. During the pre monsoon season you will experience a lot of snow here. Snow starts melting in July. This 3 to 4 days trip is popular for camping and trekking. Here from 10,600 feet you can experience the beautiful Kangra valley and the beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges.the total trail covered with bushes, oak and rhododendron trees. At night one can sit beside the bonfire and enjoy the soothing music of ukulele. In the morning the sunrise behind the Dhauladhar range will simply blow your mind. The starting point of the trek is Bhagsu Nag which is in Mcleodganj. The maximum elevation is 3,200 metres. 

Best Time:

The ideal time for doing this trek is from March to June. Throughout you can go here but

this time(March to June) the glacier filled with snow. After the monsoon season the snow starts melting. In July there is not so much snow. During the post monsoon there is no snow at Laka glacier this time you can also find morain. During summer the temperature hovers around 15 to 26 degree celsius. At night it can drop to 8 to 10 degree celsius. In winter the temperature of a day can hovers around 15 to 18 degree celsius. At night it can drop to 1 to 4 degree celsius. 

How to reach:

The base of the trek is Mcleodganj which is about 500 km from Delhi. Mcleodganj is about 250 kilometres from Chandigarh. From Delhi you can take an overnight ac or non-ac Volvo. You can also take trains to Mcleodganj. One can also go via Pathankot which is a 6.5 to 7 hours journey to Mcleodganj.

By Train:

There is no direct rail connectivity from Delhi to Mcleodganj. Pathankot is the closest railway station which is 90 kilometres from here. From Pathankot you can book a taxi to Mcleodganj.

By Flight:

 Dharamshala-Kangra airport or the Gajjal airport is the closest airport that is 20 kilometres from Mcleodganj. It takes 3 hours to reach Delhi to Mcleodganj by flight.

Day 1

Mcleodganj To Triund Trek:

Mcleodganj to Triund trek will give you an amazing beauty of Dhauladhar and Kangra valley.This is the best short weekend trip. The trail has an easy gradient. The base of the Triund trek is Dharamkot, which is a small village and 2 km from here. At the top you can experience the rich Tibatan culture. In Post monsoon season you can get a clear view of the amazing mountain peaks.  

Day 2

Triund To Laka Glacier:

In the morning after having your breakfast start your trek to Laka glacier. On the trail you can also explore the Lahesh cave. The distance between Laka to Triund is just 2 kilometres. While doing the trek one can find this amazing Lahesh cave. You can camp here overnight and enjoy the bonfire. After arriving at Laka glacier, enjoy the beauty of this place. Take some amazing pictures here. In December you can find snow everywhere. Stay here overnight and enjoy your delicious dinner sitting beside the bonfire. 

Day 3

Trek Back to Mcleodganj

Get up early in the morning then wash your face and see the stunning sunrise. This will definitely be heartwarming. Then start your trek to Mcleodganj. 

Things to Carry:

  1. A pair of trekking shoes and backpack: During trekking you need to cover a long distance through walking so you should choose a pair of good trekking shoes for you.Trekking on the rocky trail filled with boulders and all can be very slippery part of your trek for this a proper trekking shoes will needed. Also you need a good backpack and choose a backpack with a raincover. A trekking pole will help in the slippery part of the trail.
  2. Medicines and first aid: Pack some medicines and first aid kit with you. This is a very necessary ingredient while trekking. 
  3. Water bottles:Take two litres water bottles with you. 
  4. Dry foods:Take some dry foods with you. Carry a coffee mug and a spoon which will help you to eat.
  5. Plastic Bags:Carry a few plastic bags to pack your wet clothes, but don’t throw plastic, always use a dustbin.
  6. Cap or hat and sunglasses: At the high altitude region the sun is getting more harsh with you so you need to carry sunglasses and a cap with you.
  7. Pain relief spray: Always keepa pain relief spray with you.
  8. Hand gloves: Try to wear hand gloves which are windproof and also waterproof, this will help you a lot.
  9. Toothpaste, A Toothbrush.
  10. Sunscreen,towel,lip balm,moisturiser.