Blue World City Islamabad Project Details | Payment Plan 2022

Blue World City is a new residential community located on Chakri Main Road along M2 Lahore – Islamabad. The housing company aims to be a twin city wonder by combining all international standard civic amenities along with life-size replicas of global icons like Burj Al Arab etc. The business is being built close to both the new Islamabad International Airport and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The connection to the twin cities and the rest of Pakistan is made particularly special by BWC’s location.

BWC is also in a good location since, in comparison to other nearby housing complexes that are now being built, its alignment with the intended Rawalpindi Ring Road is the closest. In For real estate investors, Islamabad, The 4 Unique Gateways to BWC, is a desirable location. Due to its strategic position and cutting-edge infrastructure, this Blue World City Islamabad has significant potential for fantastic returns in the future.

Blue Company Group

In general, the BGC believes that aggregates are crucial to Pakistan’s economic growth. He has been actively involved in addressing the country’s challenges with water sanitation and nutrition thanks to his 17 years of industry experience. Additionally, it aids in resolving issues with motivation, power, obligation, and education that the nation faces. Additionally, the UAN group’s contemporary structure is utilized for planned budget management and expansion in areas with the biggest capabilities and chances in Pakistan, according to a document made public by the organization’s owner, Saad Nazir.

Invest In Blue World City

Blue World City’s bright future was evident to all. This residential development’s advantages include being close to important government institutions and having a wide range of home options and amenities available. Anyone who want to remain in Islamabad may find it to be a wise decision. The housing project should be taken into account by investors as well!

Blue World Real Estate Islamabad made huge investments to create Blue World City a success story. Apartments will be available for purchase and rent after the project is finished later this year. Anyone wishing to invest in real estate or who wants to live in this part of the city might consider this property. As more businesses choose this area as their base, the city will expand from here.

The Best Way To Invest In The Future

Investors might consider Blue World City Islamabad because, after it is fully developed and constructed, the region would be appealing. In order to reduce market volatility, experts advise spreading out Chinese investment in this industry over a particular period of time. They think China’s $45 billion investment in the area may be easily absorbed by Pakistan’s real estate sector.

This very exciting development’s primary goal is to transform the undertaking into a commercial hub. A 5,000-person capacity exposition center will be constructed for this purpose. Additionally, it would be equipped with all the infrastructure amenities required to sustain housing organizations like Kota Aga Khan, DHA, and Kota Bahria.

General Block

For the outstanding channel 5, 8, 10, 1, and 2 lots on the Blue World City General Block, a 4-year payout option is available. This modern-style structure was created to provide a welcoming and economical living environment, together with top-notch amenities and services and a prime location.

Overseas Block

A number of residential and commercial lots are available in the Blue World City Overseas Block that is in accordance with the anticipated expansion and will be made available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis if the buyers are not Pakistani citizens. This square targets Pakistanis with dual citizenship or foreigners, as the block’s name implies.

Awami Residential Complex

The spectacular Blue World City housing expansion’s most recent creation is the Awami Residential Complex. Each unit in the condominium complex—single and duplex—is furnished with all the conveniences required to lead an incredible life and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Additionally, each unit’s design offers a budget-friendly foundation, first-rate facilities, and amenities.

Waterfront Block

The Waterfront District is an additional cherry on top that Blue World City’s management has added. The most recent and anticipated block project is this one. The new building is the epitome of affordability, beauty, elegance, and luxury. The position of this amazing Blue World City Waterfront Block is in front of Blue World City Overseas’s 5 and 6 blocks, which is regarded as being in a great area in the neighborhood.

Executive Block

The Blue World City Executive Blocks are the best the developers have to offer, even if all Blue World City blocks are in a league of their own. The best equipment is provided by this device.

In the BWC Executive Block, there are numerous lots with 5 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal. This block will be equipped with tools once the development process is finished. Additionally, the payment plans are very affordable, making it possible for anyone to invest in the project.

Blue World City Payment Plan

The company has deferred payments for three, four, and five years in order to make things easier for its investors. The reservation can be secured with just a 10% payment. Land can be purchased for absurdly high prices for both residences and businesses. The Blue World City Islamabad Prices and level of luxury are exceptional when compared to other shared apartments in the same price range. This investment is secure and beneficial over the long term. It will, we guarantee, be the wisest decision you’ve ever made.

For everyone to be able to purchase a home in a smart city, especially low-income families, the corporation has divided up and developed the plots. Despite the fact that every lot in every industry is worthwhile, Overseas Block rules in Blue World City Payment Plan. Therefore, you can purchase some of the nicest lands in the region if you wish to loosen up your spending plan a little.

Overall, the owner’s strategy is to give tenants convenience based on necessary and affordable pricing. The installment plan is quite flexible because Blue World City is still a work in progress. Additionally, due to the project’s outstanding location and size, lots sell out extremely quickly. Experts anticipate a spike in real estate values in the near future as a result of recent occurrences.

NOC Status

In response to Reference Letter numbered RDA/MP&TF/FPHSPTR10/148, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) issued a planning permit for Blue World City Islamabad. The city government obtained the initial licenses for around 427 canal sites for the first way on February 19, 2019. The NOC status of Blue World City is now prominently visible.

Blue World City Location

The primary crossroads of Chakri, the main thoroughfare in Islamabad, is just near to Blue World City Location. The development is combined with a number of attractions, including the Kashmir Expressway, the Blue Zone, the PWD Sector, and the Diplomatic Area. After all, it is Rawalpindi’s top investment option. The international subway will be built on canal 145, close to the century-old Chakri Link.


There is easy access to the Blue World Corporate Zone. It is conveniently located (near Chakri Crossing), has excellent recreational amenities, and has a well-equipped gym right there in the complex. Everyone in Pakistan now knows about the biggest Real Estate project in Pakistan. Its attributes appear to be out of this world, something those Pakistani civilizations rarely provide. Due to its prime location, high market value, outstanding architectural design, and affordable price with excellent infrastructure, Blue World City Islamabad is one of the most sought-after residential complexes for investment. Islamabad is expanding daily due to Blue World City, and waiting lists to reserve properties costing more than Rs. 5 billion will grow.