Best Types of Wedding Rings with Diamonds

Diamond is one of the most beautiful and hardest rocks to ever exist on earth. And diamond wedding jewelry isn’t like any other jewelry pieces people wear to occasions. They show class and elegance, which adds charm to your personality and leaves the people you meet awestruck.

Diamond wedding rings can be a good idea if you want longevity and beauty. It will, however, be critical first to know some of the best types of diamond wedding rings available in the market.

You’ll need to decide on the best type of diamond ring to buy. One option you can consider is lab-created diamonds. They are produced in labs under controlled technological processes and natural ones. Their physical appearance and chemical structure are identical to that of natural diamonds.

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Let’s get into it.

1) Solitaire Wedding Rings

This is one of the market’s most traditional types of ring styles. It can be a perfect wedding ring for a couple that wants to keep things simple and not attract attention. You can’t go wrong with the solitaire ring if you are looking for a timeless classic that will give you an elegant look.

The solitaire engagement ring has an excellent shape. It has narrower bands than most rings, with a single diamond mounted on top of it. You can also get different designs of the solitaire ring. This includes one with thicker bands or ring guards, which add to its beauty.

2) Sidestone Wedding Rings

Another type of wedding ring you should add to your list is the side stone ring. It is one of the most outstanding rings in the market, thanks to the diamond placed strategically at the center. The diamond perfectly complements the ring, just like you compliment your partner.

The gem at the center isn’t the only diamond you’ll see on this ring. It is flanked on both sides by shiny diamond accents. These are meant to add more radiance and brilliance to the ring. But as you might guess, the more diamonds in a wedding ring, the more expensive it will be.

3) Halo Wedding Rings

Wedding rings

This wedding ring is made from a similar craft to the pave wedding ring. You wouldn’t be wrong if you referred to it as a type of the pave wedding ring style. It is one of the best to consider if you want to buy wedding rings that will brighten up your special day and the rest of your life.

A halo wedding ring comes with the micro-pavé setting of the pave wedding ring. But then, its diamonds take the halo formation, which makes them appeal to the eye. You can choose from a wide range of halo wedding rings, including pear-shaped, oval, and Asscher-cut options.

4) Pavé Wedding Rings

You can also consider pave engagement rings when looking for the best diamond ring. The pave wedding ring stands out because it is more of diamonds than metals. It features a metal band encrusted with so many tiny diamond accents that make it glitter.

You might think the pave ring is all diamond if you aren’t careful. Also, beads or prongs are used to hold the diamonds in position. Thus, you won’t see the metallic band while wearing this type of ring. There are also different settings of pave rings to choose from.

5) Three Stone Engagement Rings

As the name suggests, you can expect to see three stones on this type of wedding ring. It has a center gem that’s bigger and more elongated than the other two that flank it on each side. This makes the center gem the focal point of this ring; thus, it attracts the most attention of all three.

You should consider if you need lab-created diamond rings that will turn heads. It will add more glamor to your wedding and also bring more class. The center stone of the three stone rings is usually a round cut or princess cut diamond which tells you why it stands out.

6) Vintage Wedding Rings

You might think about something ancient when you hear “vintage”. But you will get surprised to know that there’s nothing vintage about these rings except the name. You won’t even notice that you are holding a classical ring if you were given one of these today.

These rings are the epitome of class and elegance. They are timeless wedding jewelry pieces you will love at first sight. You have various options to choose from when it comes to vintage rings. The center stone for this type of wedding ring can be a prong, basket, or bezel-set.

7) Channel Set Engagement Rings

You also won’t go wrong with the channel-set wedding ring. It comes with a unique design that doesn’t feature prongs. Instead, two strips of metal are designed to create a channel between them. It is in these channel-like grooves where diamond accents are embedded.

This is one of the best types to choose from if you want wedding rings for women. The tiny diamonds in the channel add to the overall beauty of this engagement ring. You also can choose from a variety of shapes and cuts. Channel set lab-created diamond rings are also affordable.

8) Tension Set Wedding Rings

This is the best ring to pick if you want a modern look. It doesn’t have prongs, just like the channel set wedding ring we discussed. A physical force holds the center diamond of this ring. If you don’t look carefully, you might think it is floating in the air.

The unique design of the tension set wedding ring makes it worth buying. You won’t go wrong with it if you want a touch of class for your wedding. When buying the tension-set wedding ring, you can choose from options such as round, princess, and emerald cuts.


Buying diamond wedding rings has never been easier. Now you have all the information you need to buy the best lab-created diamond rings for your engagement or wedding. These expert tips will help ensure you invest in the right quality, style, and setting of diamond rings.

It will help first to find a reputable diamond jewelry dealer. That’s the best way to find a good deal on wedding jewelry. Also, It’ll ensure you don’t lose money to cons who sell fake diamonds. But, don’t restrict yourself to mined diamonds; lab-created diamond rings can be great too.