Best Weekend Getaway Resorts in Bangalore


Lacking the time for a lengthy vacation but in need of a break? We are aware of your needs and have put together this selection of fantastic family resorts nearby Bangalore. They are wonderfully made to provide you with a much-needed break from the everyday. For a relaxed day trip or if you simply want to get out of the city, check out these locations for an utterly kid-friendly assortment of entertainment alternatives! 

MangoMist Resort

At MangoMist Resort, you may stay amidst ten acres of beautiful mango trees and live out your mango-land fantasies. They offer all the contemporary comforts to keep you comfortable and entertained in addition to the choice of relaxing in the midst of nature. Go all out with their extreme activities like rock climbing and water zorbing, camp under the stars, take a hot water bath in the Jacuzzi to relax, or just read a book on a rustic cane lounger to enjoy some “me-time” with yourself. You are entirely free to decide! 

Ramanashree California Resort , Yelahanka

For Bangalore residents seeking a peaceful holiday, this opulent resort conveniently located near the airport is the ideal option. You would have enough to see and do with the nearby attractions, including the ISKCON temple and Bangalore Palace, as well as the on-site amenities.

18 kilometres separate you from Bangalore.

Nature Camp in Bannerghatta, India

The Bannerghatta Nature Camp, which recreates a sizable natural environment for large cats and species like bears, porcupines, macaques, and gorgeous birds, will enthral both children and adults. When coming here, be sure to check out the butterfly park.

23 miles away from Bangalore

Golden Palm Hotel and Spa

This five-star resort in Tumkur is truly a sanctuary, located just one hour outside of the bustle of the city. With family and kids, you may either arrange a day trip or a weekend getaway to take advantage of the many entertainment alternatives available, such as swimming, cycling, and playing indoor/outdoor activities.

Facilities for children include a 130 m lagoon-shaped swimming pool, squash courts, a tennis court, and badminton courts.

25 kilometres separate you from Bangalore.

Resort at Wild Valley, Kanakpura Road

This resort, which is not too far nor too close to Bangalore, is down to earth and offers its visitors a variety of package deals that include camping, bonfires, hiking, and zip-lining, among other activities. The cottage is available for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city and offers a considerably slower-paced experience. If you ever want to join a new gang for some unexplored adventures, they also host themed parties and events.

38 miles away from Bangalore

Outback Farm and Homestay , Bannerghatta

This magnificent nature retreat, which has hills and birds for company, is perched on the edge of the Bannerghatta jungles. You can go bird watching, biking, hiking, fishing, and boating with your family on a relaxed weekend. In the cold nights, enjoy a bonfire or some peace and quiet in a suite with a private jacuzzi.

30 kilometres separate you from Bangalore.

Resort at Clarks Exotica

The largest hotel in Bangalore, this expansive 70-acre resort offers the best amenities and services. With amenities including sizable cricket and football fields, a swimming pool, cycling trails, indoor games, a little theatre, a DVD collection, a special dining menu, and even a junior spa, the resort is kid-friendly. Additionally, you might use weekend packages.

30 kilometres separate you from Bangalore.

Hesaraghatta Village, our native village

Our Native Village is the place to go if you want to fully experience living in an eco-friendly setting with organic food and agricultural activities. The rustic resort welcomes pets and offers aesthetically pleasing, spotless, and roomy accommodations. The children will be entertained and stimulated by the organic pool and farm animals. You can engage in activities like cycling, kite flying, pottery making, riding bullock carts, and classic games like Catapult, Gilli Danda, Lagori, and Snakes & Ladders.

36.8 kilometres separate you from Bangalore.

Kanakapura’s Vana Resort

Want a cosy, homey stay but don’t want to spend the money on a posh resort? Your solution is this historic house surrounded by greenery. With your family in this lovely setting, you can go on day hikes, engage in farming, read, or simply relax. You may get the most out of the property’s amenities, including the play area, trekking, badminton court, games, libraries, and organic farming.

50 kilometres separate you from Bangalore.

Angana country Inn , Kanakapura Road

A heritage property near Kanakapura Road, Angana offers a charming ancient atmosphere and entertaining activities. The two roomy cottages provide views of the lush, well-kept lawns; there is a large play area for children as well as a special stone slide, a swing, and a charming pool, as well as a variety of additional interior activities.

34 kilometres separate you from Bangalore.