Black & White Collar Velvet Dress

Sometimes, you need something a little different. Maybe it’s a dress or different from what you had in mind. Look no further than the Black Collar Velvet Dress from velvet This dress is made with a black and white velvet material that will have you looking your best for any occasion!

What is a Black and White Velvet Collar Dress?

The Black and white velvet collar dress has a corset-style neckline, a sheer overlay, and a soft and dainty hem. It is perfect for an elegant evening out or a special occasion. The dress can be dressed up or down, making it versatile for any occasion.

How can you Wear it?

Looking for an effortless yet elegant dress to wear to your next black-and-white-themed event? Look no further than this velvet collar dress! This style is perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion and could dress up or down, depending on your preference. When choosing this style, consider the length of your dress and the type of fabric you are wearing.

If you are looking for a shorter dress, wear a shorter-length velvet collar dress. On the other hand, consider choosing a longer-length velvet collar dress if you want something that can go up a few notches in elegance. Either way, choose a fabric that will complement your skin tone. For those who want to add color to their ensemble, try wearing a bright-colored blouse underneath your dress.

Make sure to accessorize whatever fabric and length you choose with the right shoes and jewelry. A simple gold necklace will complete the look of this chic black & white Velvet Collar Dress, while strappy heels will give you extra height when needed and prevent heels from slipping on wet surfaces.

Washing Instructions

To keep your velvet dress looking new, follow these simple washing instructions:

-Wash on delicate in cold water

-Remove any tags or labels before washing

-Do not bleach

-Do not use harsh detergents

-Tumble dry low or line dry

Why You Would Want to Wear It

You might want to wear a black and white velvet collar dress for many reasons:

  1. It can be stylish and elegant.
  2. It can show off your figure well.
  3. It can make you look sophisticated and classy.
  4. It can be versatile enough to wear for any occasion.

So whether you’re looking for a special date night outfit or a more general eveningwear choice, this dress is perfect!

Where to Find It

Looking for a sleek and sophisticated black and white velvet collar dress? You’re lucky, as this dress is available at many boutiques and online retailers. For a more affordable option, try finding the dress at velvet


If you’re finding for a dramatic change in your wardrobe, consider dressing up in a black and white collar velvet dress. This versatile style can be dressed up or down, making it the perfect option for any special occasion. Be sure to take advantage of our black and white collar velvet dress selection to find the perfect one that fits your unique style.