Up to what age do dogs grow?

Knowing how long dogs grow can give you some clues as to how big your pet will be . Thus, you will be able to offer them the space they demand and better satisfy all their needs. Sometimes, not only is there an age when growth stops, but there are breeds that tend to grow more than others. 

Up to how many months does a dog grow

We will start by specifying what is the age in which any dog ​​stops its growth. A good way to find out is to determine when your dog reaches maturity. For this, you have to take into account the weight. If he is a small breed, he estimates that he will stop growing when he is 1 year old . On the other hand, if your dog is of a medium breed, this time can be extended up to 18 months.

What about the big dogs? Well, they will also stop growing at 18 months like those of a medium breed. The same does not happen with those who are considered to be of the giant race. In these cases, you will have to wait about 2 years for you to know that your dog will not continue its growth process. Now, despite taking this into consideration, the type of race matters, so we are going to take it into account.

Growth of dogs according to their breed

It is important to know that the growth of the dog will determine not only its anatomy but also its behavior as a dog, a factor that is also influenced by the breed to which it belongs. Let’s see how the growth process is, from start to finish, of the main breeds of dogs. 

Border Collie

How long does a Border Collie grow? You must bear in mind that this is a medium breed dog, so it will reach maturity at 18 months at the most. However, their growth may stop at 14 months , which is quite common.

maltese bichon

In the case of the Maltese Bichon it is at 10 months when its growth usually stops . It is not a large dog, in fact, it belongs to what we consider to be small breeds and after 6 months it tends to grow in width.


What size to expect from an adult Yorkshire? Its estimation is similar to that of the Maltese Bichon, although it may finish its growth much earlier. There are very small Yorkshire breeds, such as the Yorkshire Terrier .

Toy poodle

Assuming your dog’s breed is a Toy Poodle, you should expect it to grow up to a year, but no more. In fact, it does not usually exceed 28 centimeters . Therefore, keep this in mind because it will finish growing soon.


If you are wondering about the size of a  Labrador you should know that we are dealing with a large dog with a fairly strong constitution. Even so, although it should grow until 18 months, sometimes, it tends to finish doing it by the year .

German shepherd

How long does a German Shepherd grow? A dog with these characteristics often exceeds expectations. Although he should stop growing at 18 months, there are cases in which he reaches 2 years . It should be kept in mind.

golden retriever

Going back to the medium breeds, what to expect from the size of a Golden Retriewer ? In this case, it usually has an accelerated growth until it is 10 months old . At this point, two things can happen: stop or continue until 18 months.


If you have this adorable dog with you like a Poodle, you should know that it usually grows up to a year if it is a small breed and up to almost 2 years if its breed is a giant. So keep that in mind because this matters.

pit bulls

This breed of dog is considered medium, so they will finish growing at 14 months, but they can continue to develop their muscles until they are 18 months old.

french bulldog

How big is a French Bulldog capable of growing? This small, flat-faced breed of dog stops growing at 12 months, some even a little earlier, at 10 months. It will never be a dog that exceeds 35 centimeters, keep that in mind.