Brides Must Know These Rituals Before Their Muslim Matrimony

Islamic weddings are special. However, the significance is even greater for the bride. Wondering how? Well, the article will tell you all about it. Keep reading to find out!

Muslim matrimony is typical of Nawabi grandeur and pompousness. Apart from the aroma of slow-cooked biryani and colorful vibes, there is much more to know about Muslim marriages. Marriage is literally the religious duty for both men and women in Islam. However, the entire idea of Islamic marriage is way too offensive to women. The men have the authority over women after marriage and women are expected to accept their submissive role over their husbands. Muslim brides can expect the same nature of partiality in almost all the wedding rituals as well. Although Islam is one of the most prominent religions but nothing significant has really changed for women ever since its inception. Wish to know more? Read further to know more!

No Inter-faith Marriage for Muslim Women

According to Quran, Muslim men can marry outside their faith but the same is not applicable to Muslim Women. For a Muslim bride to marry outside her caste, her groom needs to change his faith and convert to Islam. The main reason for this difference is that Islam is passed through the male line and Non-Muslim fathers cannot pass down the faith to their children. So, when the Muslim man decides to marry outside his caste, his bride need not change her faith as she will automatically follow Muslim rituals and her children will also bear the name of his Muslim father. 

Find it hard to believe in this ‘modern’ world? Well, sadly that’s how it goes. There is no say of Muslim brides in Islamic society and they are looked down upon for marrying a person of their choice who is a Non-Muslim. So, be ready to face the repercussions if you are in love with a Non-Islamic man.

Polygamy for Men

Unlike most traditions in India, Muslim matrimony rituals still propagate polygamy for men. Previously, they were allowed to have as many wives as they want which has now come down to a maximum of four marriages for men. As gross as it sounds, the situation is even worse for women who cannot have more than one husband while her husband can go out looking for multiple wives!

Now, imagine your boyfriend dating multiple women at a time. Dreaded with just a thought right? Well, you might have to remain in the same unpleasant situation for the rest of your life as proposed by Muslim matrimonial laws. But the worst part is breaking the marriage will not be as easy as breaking the relationship before the wedding. 

Teen Talaaq

Well, Teen Talaaq is one of the most debatable topics for over centuries now. It goes like this, when a man says “Talaaq, Talaaq, Talaaq” to his wife, they get divorced! There is literally not much paperwork or legalities needed after that. So, it entirely depends on the mood of husbands to treat their women as they feel like. Anytime, they are done with the Muslim matrimony marriage, they can easily get separated to suit their moods. 

However, the same law is not applicable to women. They are expected to be with their husbands accepting their submissive role n marriage lifelong. So, most women cover their ears or rush out of the scene, when their husbands are about to say Talaaq three times. This is one of their strategy to save their marriage. Fortunately, teen Talaaq is now banned in India but many families are still practicing the same idea to torment women. 

Muslim Married Life for Bride

According to Muslim matrimony law, a wife must be obedient to her husband and follow the in-law’s rules. Also, she can earn only if he wants and hands over the entire money by the end of the month to her husband. In return, the husband will look after her needs like health, attire, jewels, etc for a lifetime. 

Do you see any point in earning when you have to hand over all your money to your husband? Also, the basic idea of marriage revolves around the equal partnership between husband and wife. No one can be authoritative over other and exert their own will in each other’s decision. However, Muslim marriage ideas completely defy the general law of marriage. 

So, these are some of the crucial points and practices you must need to keep in mind before becoming a Muslim bride. Having said that, there are exceptions in every society and it would be cruel to judge your husband before knowing him. Thus, it is better you date a person for few time before marrying him to know him more. 

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