7 Steps to Becoming A Lifestyle Blogger

f you’re interested in starting your own lifestyle blog, it can seem like quite the undertaking. Where do you start? How do you reach readers? How much work goes into creating one of these blogs? These are all valid questions that you have when deciding whether to start your own lifestyle blog, and they’re exactly what this guide will answer! You’ll learn how to begin blogging, connect with an audience, and market yourself online. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a lifestyle blogger before you know it!

1) Have Something To Say

Not sure where to start? Here are 7 easy steps you can take to get your life as a lifestyle blogger up and running! 1. Choose Your Niche An important step in becoming a lifestyle blogger is choosing the niche of your blog. This will help people know what they’re getting when they follow your blog. 2. Develop an Image You have worked hard on your blog, now it’s time to let it shine with an awesome logo and some cool images. If you don’t know how or feel like you’re not creative enough, there are countless websites that offer free logo templates for blogs just like yours and inspiration for imagery such as Canva, Pilar and Adobe Spark Post, to name a few. 3.

2) Decide Who You Want To Reach

One of the most important things about being a lifestyle blogger is identifying your target audience and who you want to reach. Do you want your blog to appeal more to moms? Couples who are getting married soon. Mothers of grade school children? It’s important for you as the writer and blogger to know what sorts of people will be reading your content so that it will meet their needs and make them feel like they’re at home on your site.

Think about what topics are most relevant and engaging for this target audience, research similar blogs in order to figure out how much content they post per week/month, etc. Whatever category or niche you ultimately settle on, choose one that inspires you and connects with who you are as an individual in order to stay passionate throughout the process.

3) Decide What Kind of Content You Will Publish

A lifestyle blogger is someone who posts content based on their hobbies and interests, on their blog or website. Although blogging is typically thought of as something that helps people share their life with others, becoming a lifestyle blogger can provide you with the opportunity to do just that-in your own unique way. It’s all about developing your voice and finding what works for you. If the term ‘lifestyle blogger’ intrigues you, but you’re not sure where to start or what kind of content would work for your blog/website, then read below for some tips on how to become one!

4) Choose the Right Platform for you (or multiple ones)

The first step in becoming a lifestyle blogger is choosing the right platform for you. Different platforms will have different strengths and weaknesses, so it is best to know what you are looking for before deciding on which one is best. In the case of social media, the platform you choose should complement your interests and connections.

The same applies for video or photography platforms; there is no point in creating content if people cannot see it or it does not fit with their other hobbies. Once you have chosen a platform and created an account, there are some steps that will help make sure that your readership grows steadily.

5) Be Consistent

If you want to become a lifestyle blogger, the best advice is this: Be consistent. If your blog is full of content but you can’t maintain it, nobody will visit and nobody will be interested in reading what you have to say. Maintaining your site is just as important as creating the content for it. Make it part of your daily routine and try to have something new posted every day – if not several times per day! The more consistent you are with adding content, the more likely people are going to subscribe and keep coming back for more.

6) Listen and Interact with your Audience/Followers

Building up an audience on social media can be difficult, but you should make sure that your blog is easy to navigate. Establish the tone and topics of your blog before posting anything, and make sure that you respond to people’s questions in a timely manner. Creating high-quality content with an engaging call-to-action at the end will help boost readership, as well as asking for reviews from your readers.

#1 Listen and Interact with Your Audience/Followers As mentioned earlier, creating high-quality content is one thing that helps boost readership. As a lifestyle blogger, having listeners and interacting with them will also help create hype around your blog.

7) Turn Your Passion into Profit

Everyone has a passion, hobby, or lifestyle that they’re interested in. If you enjoy it and want to make money from it, being a lifestyle blogger may be the perfect fit for you. The growth of the blogging industry in recent years has made this dream profession more attainable than ever before. That said, with so many different types of blogs out there, figuring out which niche is right for you can feel like an overwhelming task. This guide will walk you through all the steps needed to become an expert on your chosen topic, becoming certified as a lifestyle blogger in no time!

1) Think about what is meaningful and important to you.

2) Choose what lifestyle matters most to you.


A successful lifestyle blogger will have an understanding of all their topics, be able to write concisely and know how to take professional-looking photos. In addition, they’ll know how to optimize their social media content. Finally, they’ll need a significant following. These steps can help you get started on your way!

A lifestyle blogger should also understand the subjects that he or she is blogging about in order to produce good quality content. They should also know what it takes to create quality blog posts so that followers come back for more content. You’ll want to set aside at least 20 minutes each day for your blog writing sessions in order to stay motivated and make sure that the time you put into blogging is worth it!