Cable assemblies and Wire Harness

I direct anything that is controlled electronically through a CAN system. Controller Area Networks or simply CAN system work by multiplexing multiple data signals on the same set of wires. The multiplexer integrates the separate electronic systems and applications into a single line of control and monitoring. When these multiple signals travel over a serial network, CAN provides quick monitoring of diagnostic and control systems.

One of the specific CAN is SAE J1939, which sets the communications routes for vehicle networks and further forms the basis for the automotive and diesel engine industry. There are various types of J1939 Cable assemblies available in the market that meet the J1939 standards. To aid various manufacturing challenges, Custom Wire Harness Manufacturers offer high-quality custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for businesses. 

J1939 Cable assemblies

SAE J1939 comprises a set of standards that specify how ECUs communicate to the CAN bus inside heavy-duty vehicles. Today, most vehicles make use of a Controller Area Network (CAN) for setting up ECU communication. One major point to note here is that the CAN bus provides a medium for communication (just like a telephone), it doesn’t set up the language for conversation. J1939 Cable assemblies used in most heavy-duty vehicles follow the SAE J1939 standard given by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Technically, J1939 offers a higher layer protocol for the physical layer as CAN. Hence, J1939 is a standardized method across all ECU communications regardless of the manufacturers. 

Custom Wire Harness Manufacturers

A custom wiring harness or simply known as a cable harness, is an assembly of multiple wires together. These integrated wires exchange power and signals with the target device. One might question why to use assembly instead of single wires. Using a custom wiring harness offers various advantages over simple loose wires. I enclose these electrical wires within an exterior cover.

This cover comprises lightweight thermoplastic or some other thermoset material. Such an organization of wires inside a layer protects them from external or environmental factors. Custom Wire Harness Manufacturers offer wire harnesses for most electrical devices used in industries like aerospace, aircraft, agricultural, medical, military, food and beverage, vehicle, printing, safety, and security. They are the cost-saving solution for bundling many wires and their design lets industry professionals install the wiring at a much faster rate.

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