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The UAE government made Fujairah Adventure Park and other similar projects to bring more tourists to the Emirate. The Fujairah Adventure Center runs the project, which is separate from it financially and in terms of how its management. One thing that makes Fujairah different from the other emirates is that it has beautiful natural scenery.

Based on the numbers, more than 800,000 people went to Fujairah in 2018. The Fujairah Adventure Center has helped this tiny Emirate get more visitors.

After a long day at work, sometimes just getting away from everything is just what the doctor ordered. People living in the many different UAE projects are lucky because they can go to many safe places.

Because of its unique setting and the natural beauty of the mountains around it, the Fujairah Adventure Park is a big reason why people come to the area. After a month, the Fujairah Adventure Park has reopened with a number of upgraded attractions meant to bring tourists and thrill-seekers to the site so they can enjoy the luxurious facilities at the nearby Fujairah beach park.

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Reasons To Go To The Fujairah Adventure Park

When the Fujairah Adventure Centre started, its founders had plans for it that went beyond making money. The main goal was to create a place where people could enjoy their favorite activities while exploring the hilly terrain of this Emirate. The government has helped Fujairah become popular among UAE citizens and tourists worldwide by ensuring the Fujairah Adventure Park has exciting mountain and water activities.

Fujairah Adventure Park was first thought of as a place for extreme sports fans to visit and have a memorable time. The adventure center in Fujairah has worked hard to make the city a popular tourist destination by giving thrill-seekers the chance to do things like mountain climbing and water skiing.

Both people from the area and other countries will find it a great place to go. The government has also given the old pools and bodies of water in the middle of these mountains a new lease on life, making them an excellent place for swimmers and sports fans. Check out a list of things to do in Fujairah before going on.

Fujairah Adventure Park is where tourists and locals can work on their athletic skills. Young people with talent encouraged to improve their skills and compete for the city at the national and international levels.

How Fun The Fujairah Adventure Park Can Be

Fujairah Adventure Camp has a wide range of exciting athletic events that are all carefully planned to take advantage of the area. So, you could do amazing sports on the water, land, or air. Here’s a look at some exciting things you can do in the park.

The Fujairah adventure park offers a lot, so you can now do sports in the sea, the desert, and the mountains. Read on to learn about all the fun things you can do at the adventure camp.

Trips Through The Mountains

The local tribes built the old roads found here; as you might expect, these mountain trails are challenging. Take, for example, the exciting Rumaila Mountain Trail. Keep flashlights close by because you might go into some mysterious tunnels during this trip.

Camping is a way for people who like to sleep under the stars to do so. Because the sky in Fujairah is so beautiful, you can drive up in an SUV, set up camp, and look at the stars.

Most cars have to pay AED 10 to get into the park, while people on foot only have to pay AED 5. At the moment, you don’t need a ticket to use a mountain bike or hiking trails. And the price of renting a bike may vary depending on the type you want.

Aquatic Events

Diverse thrill-seekers come to the city because it has a lot of marine life, clear water, and strong currents, which attract them.

Kayaking is one of the most exciting at the Fujairah Adventure Camp. Propel yourself forward and paddle across the pristine sea. You shouldn’t worry because the government has taken all safety measures.

Since the water is clear, you can also go snorkeling. You might even see rare animals, making everything even more impressive.

Skate Park in Fujairah

In May 2019, the Fujairah Adventure Park opened its vast new skate park. This free park is open all day for scooters, bikes, roller skates, and skateboards. There are a total of 1,800 square feet of floor space. There are different challenges for players of varying skill levels on the asphalt surface. A line just for kids is also available.

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Ask The Fujairah Adventure Center About

This is the end of the entry for today. At the Fujairah Adventure Center, you can go trekking or biking against the beautiful Hajar Mountains, kayaking down the shore, and snorkeling with turtles and other tropical species. The driving time from Dubai to Fujairah is around two hours.

This could be a cheap weekend trip for people who live in Dubai. But that’s not the only thing Fujairah has to offer. You could also have a family picnic at Madhab Spring Park. You could also try something new and fun, like going to Aqua Bounce Waterpark with your family and riding the rides there. The beautiful Emirate of Fujairah is a great place to visit because it has many fun things.

Fujairah isn’t the only small city with interesting things to see and do. Al Hayer Oasis Al Ain is one of these places that is getting a lot of attention. Tourists and people living in the United Arab Emirates have many options for fun and exciting day trips.