Can you send birthday gifts to your loved ones online?

Birthdays become more special when it is celebrated with beautiful gifts. Whoever is celebrating his/her birthday, he/she deserves to receive gifts that can be preserved for a lifetime. If it’s the birthday of someone very close to you, it’s better to buy a unique gift a few days prior to the date. Now, you may wonder how to celebrate a close relative’s birthday when you are far away from your home and family members. How can you send gifts to a person from abroad? Well, the answers are very simple.

Nowadays, in this digital era, you can send gifts online in India through these online gift portals from a different city, state and country – from anywhere to your hometown. You just need to try the following steps:

  • Find out a trusted online gift portal where you will get hundreds of options to present on every occasion
  • Search for a suitable personalized gift for the recipient
  • Place the order online
  • Make payments online
  • The artist will then customize the gift as per your instructions
  • Once you approve the final design, the artist will start creating the product
  • After completing everything, it will be delivered to the recipient through an expert delivery system.

Popular gifts to send online:

Not everything you can send online to your loved ones in India. Especially, delicate and fancy items should be avoided to send online. The following items are the popular options that people mostly send online.

  • Photo-printed coffee mugs: Personalized coffee mugs are considered to be the most common birthday gift that you can send to anyone. A white-coloured simple mug is used to personalize according to the photographs and text messages you have provided.The most advanced dust-proof and fade-resistant coffee mug printing technology are used to print personalized photographs and personal text messages for the recipient.
  • Personalized wooden plaque: A solid piece of real wood is used to personalize for your loved one to celebrate his/her birthday. The same printing technology is used to customize the photographs, photo collages and personalized text messages you have provided. The plaque can be of different shapes and sizes. You can choose a heart-shaped or rectangular or square wooden plaque as per your preferences.
  • Photo clocks: Picture collage clocks are one of the most popular gifts that can be sent online for someone’s birthday. All you need to provide a photograph or a picture collage of the recipient and a personalized text message.
  • Personalized photo frames: You can gift photo frames to your loved ones that are personalized for a specific individual. It could be a wooden frame, a metal frame, a plastic frame, a fibre frame etc. The artist will personalize the frame as per the photographs and text messages you wish to add to make it more attractive. Such personalized photo frames can easily be sent online. They look perfect as décor items on the office desk or living room shelves. 

Make sure you have bought the gifts from a reputed web portal and it has an expert delivery network to send the gifts within the due date.