Expert Guide for Creating Personalized Campaigns on LinkedIn   

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks out there. With more than 870 million members, it is more than a just a place where you can connect with other professionals and make an “online networking.” In fact, LinkedIn is the best marketing tool you can find online. Right now, the company has over 800 updates per month on its platform and includes new features on a regular basis.

However, if you are starting to build your profile or if you would like to try to know more about its system of communication, don’t worry because, in this article, I’ll explain how to use LinkedIn so that it can help you promote your business and increase your sales.

Personalization is one way to do it

According to a recent market analysis, 74% of B2B buyers choose vendor websites as a starting point for research. Yet, 50% of all leads aren’t ready to buy yet – so what do you do with these leads in the meantime?

You nurture them! You nurture them through personalized campaigns that are designed to keep you top-of-mind during the research phase – and ideally, during the purchase phase as well.

By creating personalization campaigns on LinkedIn, you can nurture leads while they’re actively researching solutions like yours.

If you’re not sure how to get started with your LinkedIn personalization campaigns, this guide will help.

I’ll walk you through how to set up your campaign structure, how to leverage LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedCamp and Sales Navigator, and how to optimize your campaign strategy.

Let’s get started!

Setting Up Your Personalized Campaign on LinkedIn

First and foremost, every business has to set up a personalized campaign to get started. So, here are five easy-to-follow steps to help you out!

Choose Objective

Create a perfect campaign on LinkedIn with the clarified objective to succeed. Build your efforts around the results you hope to achieve. Be sure, whether you desire to create awareness or achieve conversions or consideration.

After that, select your goal from the subcategories to narrow down the objective. These goals will determine the clicks, views, and impressions on your overall campaign experience.

Know Your Targeting Criteria

It is vital to reach the right target audience on LinkedIn. Therefore, it’s better to use LinkedIn marketing tools to ease the process. To ensure the success of your campaign, target professionals using different traits. For instance, company size, member interests, job title, job seniority, etc.

Targeting is one of the fundamental elements of running a successful personalized campaign on LinkedIn. If you target the right audience, the engagement ratio will be higher. It will translate into better and higher conversion rates.

Use the Best Advertisement Format

For your first campaign, choose the most suitable advertisement format. Select the best format after analyzing your objective and target audience. Use Sponsored Content, Dynamic Ads, Message Ads, or Text Ads for better results. Businesses can even choose a mixture of all four.

Sponsored Content The sponsored Content appears on the LinkedIn feed of your target audience. For more options, sponsored Content comes in three unique formats.

Single Image Ads – Allow you to promote your business directly on the target audience’s news feed.

Video Ads – Brands can use it to engage the audience through interactive video-based Content on their news feed.

Carousel Ads – Uses swipeable series of cards as an advertising medium that depicts an interactive story.

  • Message Ads

The message ads use the pathway of the LinkedIn messenger as the base. It helps in sharing and creating personalized messages for the target audience, which can be sent directly to the prospect’s inbox. Businesses can add a clear call-to-action CTA in it as well. However, only active users can receive such ads.

  • Dynamic Ads

These advertisements build highly personalized and customized ad copies. However, they will appear on LinkedIn desktop versions. Businesses can use dynamic advertisements to showcase their offerings, services, and products. They can also acquire new followers and easily share new ideas.

  • Text Advertisement

The text ads are simple but hold exceptional pay-per-click (PPC) power. With compelling headlines, texts, and images, the text advertisements easily grab attention. However, text ads are limited to desktop versions only where it appears on the top of the page on the LinkedIn desktop pages.

Budget Setting

Once you have selected your audience, select the budget as per your business capability. Businesses can choose from three different and unique options:

CPS – Cost Per Send works when a business uses the Message Advertisement campaign. Through this, businesses pay for every message that is delivered successfully.

CPS – Cost Per Click is applicable on action-oriented campaigns. For instance, the ones that specifically are for lead generation or registration of an event.

CPM – The cost Per Impression model is perfect when your goal is to create brand awareness.

Optimization of Campaign

With LinkedIn campaign scheduling tools, optimize and finalize your personalization campaign. With different LinkedIn automation tools, gather insights and data to further optimize your LinkedIn profile and other aspects of the campaign.

By following this setup, businesses can continue with the optimization of the campaign until they get the results they hope for.

Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn Automation Tools

There are multiple LinkedIn automation tools available online. For instance, LinkedCamp and Sales Navigator. Using these tools, you can create ideal personalized campaigns through automation. Instead of manual efforts, reach your target audience using automated services.

Create the personalized campaign once and continue reaching the specified targets with the power of linked automation. Your preference and target audience will remain the same. In such a way, the tools will help in augmenting the results with minimized efforts.


Businesses can effectively reach their target audience by running personalized campaigns on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn lead generation and sales funnel stages can produce surprising results. Since the majority of the businesses are not on the platform, utilizing such benefits is important. Your business can reap the benefits of being an early adopter. Be creative and inventive to augment your sales through LinkedIn.

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