CareLogic Review – Features, Costs, and Implementation

Carelogic is an EHR solution for behavioral health care providers. The company’s certified cloud EHR solution is reliable and scalable, enabling organizations to adapt to changing business needs. Carelogic offers a full suite of services to help health care organizations succeed in this challenging environment. In this article, we’ll explore the features, costs, and implementation of Carelogic.

Qualifacts CareLogic

Qualifacts CareLogic is a web-based EHR that provides behavioral health providers with an efficient way to track and manage patient data. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and it has many customizable features. The software is suitable for behavioral health providers of all sizes. Its customer support is exceptional and it provides training and support for new users.

The software is cloud-based and offers many clinical, financial, and administrative functions. Its Enterprise edition is certified by the ONC-ATCB, making it an excellent choice for mental health providers. CareLogic can also be used on mobile devices, and it also supports rule-based validation. The software is available in both free and paid versions, and the pricing is based on a per-month subscription.

The software includes a complete suite of tools designed to help behavioral health providers improve patient care while minimizing management time. It is user-friendly and includes tools for screening assessments, claims, reimbursement, outcome instruments, treatment plans, records, and reports. It also facilitates audits and helps improve claims.


CareLogic is a comprehensive electronic health record system. It is cloud-based, and does not require a server installation. This makes it easy to customize and scale without having to spend a large amount of money upfront. However, it lacks some of the customization and integration features offered by an on-premises system.

Carelogic’s EMR system offers a smooth workflow with a simple user interface. The software also helps reduce account receivable balances and medical recoupments. Its IT support and operations team are also there to assist users with reporting and data-driven analytics. The cost of Carelogic EMR software varies, depending on the number of users and the scope of the organization.

CareLogic is priced competitively, but it is also easy to adopt. The software allows healthcare providers to customize their experience. Users can create unlimited service templates and forms using a user-friendly design tool. Moreover, CareLogic is a SaaS product, so users don’t have to worry about installing or backing up software. The software also enables healthcare providers to share real-time insights with their patients. This helps them optimize workflow and maximize patient outcomes.


CareLogic has a number of features, all of which are customizable to fit your business needs. The Employee tab, for example, allows you to create new staff members and assign them supervisors and system privileges. In addition, you can view employee details in the Employee Guide. The System Administration tab is reserved for the highest level superusers and can be used to customize the functionality of CareLogic.

CareLogic offers flexible and intuitive front-desk tools to help healthcare providers streamline workflow. It also allows automatic generation of claims, transferring client data into a billing engine without manual intervention. It also comes with integrated reporting features that help you assess the health of your operations. With these tools, you can analyze your business in real time.

The CareLogic EHR is a SaaS application that requires no hardware installation. It is designed for behavioral health specialty providers, medical administrators, and hospitals. It includes features like improved service capture and claims error correction, helping behavioral health specialty providers achieve a higher ROI.


CareLogic is a web-based care management solution that is easy to use. It allows healthcare providers to customize their experiences by using an intuitive design tool. The system also has an integrated support team that consists of EHR experts who are available to help with issues. CareLogic also provides an online community for users to exchange ideas, send private messages, and write blogs.

CareLogic has an easy-to-use user interface and workflow, and it reduces account receivable balances and medical recoupments. In addition, CareLogic’s IT support team assists users with data-driven analytics and reporting. It also offers a yearly conference that attendees can attend. In addition, the software is customizable, which makes it ideal for busy healthcare practices.

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Implementation of CareLogic can help healthcare organizations reduce administrative costs and improve care coordination. It also allows healthcare agencies to collaborate more efficiently with other agencies. CareLogic is designed to unify client data, including clinical, financial, and administrative information. It supports electronic prescriptions, SOAP notes, and real-time data flows.