Passion Twist Guide: Know Styles, Cost, Maintenance, And Installation

Passion twist is one of the stylish protective hairstyles that keep your natural hair healthy and nourished while keeping it trendy and unique with the help of interesting hairstyles.

The love child of goddess locks and Senegalese twist. This hairstyle is today’s trend, and many people are trying them out.

If you are also planning to have some passion twist, you have landed on the right blog. We will talk about everything, from the different passion twist hairstyles to how they have made. Not only that, but we are also going to share the cost and maintenance tips about them. So brace yourself to know it all.

Passion Twist Hairstyles

These gorgeous twists can experiment in different ways regarding size, shape, accessories, and color. Let us check some of the exciting passion twist hairstyles you need to check out.

Short passion twist

Want to have these interesting passion twist in the summer season? This hairstyle will be the best option. Less than shoulder length, this protective hairstyle can do with a side partition and the option of a hairdo.

High Bun passion twist

Another interesting hairstyle to do in the summer season is where all your passion twists have swirled on your head to form the shape of a high bun. You can play with the variation of hair in terms of the height of a bun. You can keep it at the back a little low or very high over the crown area. However, as passion twists are a protective hairstyle. We suggest you have a high bun on the crown area for a comfortable experience.

Side-swept twist

This one is a very promising passion twist hairstyle to elevate your face’s best features. In this hairstyle, majorly, all your passion twist and is on the one side of your face. They generally come in the side partition and go up to shoulder length.

Studded passion twists

Inspired by Fulani braids, this passion twist hairstyle has metallic beads and studs added to the twist braids to give it tribal goddess essence. They look super chic and glamorous and are best to wear on special occasions.

Multi-colored passion twists

If you do passion twists with hair extensions, you open the options to style your twists in multiple colors without affecting your natural hair. Get them colored in bright colors in the family of blues or reds. Or you can use ombre shades to have a nice twist over your passion twist.

Jumbo passion twist

As the name suggests, the Jumbo passion twist is big and chunky in size. Each braid is around an inch. It looks good if you’re planning to carry boxy street style.

How To Make Passion Twist?

Now we have learned about passion twist hairstyles, let us see how they have made.

The twists are very distinct in style because of the process of installing hair extensions and getting your hair prepped and twisted to achieve the desired look. To get your basic passion twist done, follow the rubber band method with the steps listed below.

Step 1: Parting Your Hair

You need to part your hair in the shape of triangles and keep the size of half an inch for the partitions to do, even on the scalp.

Once the partition has done, apply the edge tamper to lay down the hair and put a rubber band to secure it.

Just ensure that you are not putting the rubber too tightly, as crochet needles have required to go under the rubber band to hook the passion twist.

Step 2. Apply The Crochet

Once the triangle partitions have done, remove your head extensions and slide the needle under the rubber band to hook the hair. 

Once the hair has hooked, pull the hair through to have two even sides for making a twist.

Step 3. Twisting 

Before you start wasting, temper your natural hair for secure attachment so that they do not fall out from your hair. Once done, take the two strands and start twisting them by swirling around each other.

Step 4. Add Accessories 

If you are planning to have a beaded passion twist or want to add some accessories like chains or jewelry. You can now start stuffing them into your braids. Make sure you only apply on certain twists, as the overstuffing might make you feel heavy-headed and also lose the twists.

Step 5: Taming Edges

Once all your twists have done, you need to tame the tips, so they don’t get loose. If you don’t want to put the rubber bands at the end. Use edge tamer to do it.

Cost And Maintenance Of Passion Twists

Well, It does not have one very straight answer because the installation cost depends on how you are doing. If you are doing it yourselves, the whole installation counts per extension you choose to get twists done. This means that you can expect the installation of quality hair curly extensions from a brand like Indique to cost around $300. Getting it done by an expert stylist will cost around $500. However, we still recommend you go to the stylist if you attempt the passion twists for the first time. It is a one-time investment; you should not think about it.

When it comes to maintenance, again, if you are doing it yourself, you just need quality sulfate-free hair products. That will cost you around $5 per week, whereas getting them from the stylist will cost you around $20 on average.


The passion twist hairstyle is trending these days, and it will continue to grow because of its massive following and love for the trendy protective hairstyle look it delivers.

There is no that doubt that once you install your passion twist. You will get unnoticed because this unique hairstyle manages to pull all the attention. 

Hopefully, this blog helped to get the idea about how and what kind of passion twist you need to do along with cost estimation. And if you are ready to get yourselves some beautiful twists, buy curly hair extensions from Indique to get it done. 

These hair extensions will help you create beautiful twists and are also easy to maintain. Because they are made of natural human hair for a realistic look.

The best part is you can color them in any shade you want. And it will keep the quality intact to flaunt your passion twist in every way possible. So go and check their website to buy your extension today!