UAE: Children With Ailments Share Stories Of Hope Ahead Of Christmas

Are You Familiar With The Term Ailment?

The body suffers from ailments and diseases. In addition to changing the normal functioning of the body, illnesses and diseases can also cause many other problems. People rarely distinguish between ailment and disease since they think they are the same thing. There is a difference between an ailment and a disease when comparing them. It is possible to cure most ailments using simple medication or home remedies. The problem with disease, however, is that it cannot be treated with simple home remedies or medications.

A Person Does Not Need To Consult A Doctor If They Are Suffering From Any Ailment,

When one has disease, it is necessary to seek medical advice. Taking medicines according to a doctor’s prescription is necessary when suffering from disease. Earlier this month, children receiving treatment support from Al Jalila Foundation decorated cookies and gave hope-filled messages.

Various ailments were spread through the festive season by children who took advantage of the occasion. A teddy bear was given to each child and a cookie was decorated as part of Raffles’ event. In a recent event organised by Al Jalila Foundation, 6-year-old Rishaan Kumar from India enjoyed bonding with everyone. With the Foundation’s help, Rishaan underwent kidney treatment and surgery after being born with a congenital posterior urethral valve. The surprise was great and it was fun. As a gift, I got a teddy bear,” he said, adding we had a lot of fun. There were gingerbread men to decorate and Christmas cookies to decorate, Kumar said. As for decorating the bread, I used lots of sprinkles.”

As he mingled with other children, Swapna said she was pleased to see him. On the day, they looked like super chefs, she said.

He wanted to show how well he was doing at the Christmas event thanks to the Foundation. I wanted to give back to the Foundation that helped us so much. It was attended by the staff of Al Jalila. The children were cheered on by them.” The children were cheered on by them.”

Here’s A Message For Parents:

Because Rishaan’s kidneys were blocked at birth, he had an incomplete urine output. Having urine stored in his body caused his body to become infected. The surgeries he underwent were very expensive. As a result of the support we received, Swapna says, “his life has been transformed.”.

It was Swapna’s intention to send a message to parents of children who were ill at the Christmas event. Ask for help if you need it, for there is help all around. It can be difficult for parents to ask for financial assistance for their children. Your child’s health can only be deteriorated by this. Make sure your child gets the help he or she needs.”

She Was Joined By Her Two-Year-Old Son Jayden, A Mother From Cameroon:

“I was fortunate to receive help from the Foundation for my son. We wanted to show our support by holding the Christmas event for the Foundation,” she explained.

Thank you for remembering us and inviting us to the gathering. “Seeing Jayden with other children was such a treat.”

Mothers with ailing children do not need to feel alone on their journey, she said. Financial and emotional support are both available. It is important to ask for help and see what can be done. Hope and belief are important for children and their parents.

Children With Critical Illnesses Will Benefit From A New Partnership In The UAE:

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, in conjunction with Make-A-Wish Foundation (MAWF), has signed an agreement to provide support to critically ill children in the emirate. Health regulators in Abu Dhabi will work with MAWF to improve the lives of unwell children at Abu Dhabi’s hospitals up to the age of 18. DoH executive director Hind Al Zaabi and MAWF CEO Hani Alzubaidi signed the agreement.

As a Result Of The Collaboration,

DoH will provide MAWF with the necessary information and approvals to be able to reach hospitalized children, while maintaining “appropriate levels of privacy and confidentiality”. A number of events and charitable activities will also be held on hospitals’ grounds, and MAWF will raise awareness about conditions that threaten life.

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