Reliable Interior is passionate about designing places that give your business project fresh vitality. Our success is based on providing exceptional commercial interior design services solutions that are faithful to the client’s vision and aspirations. We start by gathering a client brief that includes project completion timelines, a budget, a style, and a design fee according to your particular needs. We build a concept design or mock-up of the original project based on a mutual agreement to offer you an idea of the final product. Our brief includes floor plans, example accessories to final design, accommodating furniture and fittings, lighting and joinery features, and so on.

We have experience dealing with major, well-established firms, start-ups, and everything in between as one of the top companies for commercial interior design in Dubai. Both are equally difficult and fun to work with, in our opinion.


The aims and goals of an entire project are best outlined in a dedicated plan. The project plan aids in the project’s thorough execution and control, and it specifies the clients’ particular requirements for the project’s practical completion. To ensure that the plans are developed in a robust fashion utilizing professional project managers who are able to design and deliver projects within the timescales in accordance with client expectations. Planning is done by an experienced team using project management software.


Restaurants are becoming more than just places to dine; they are destinations—a one-stop shop for F&B interior designs. To express precisely the experience you want your consumers to have. DHM offers a skilled team of designers and project managers who can complete your F&B interior design requirements. We provide interior design and branding solutions and projects to venues in Dubai and the UAE. Such as pubs, clubs, cafĂ©s, restaurants, and bars. The impact your branding has on your client’s first impressions of your organization is crucial to the success of your enterprise. We can ensure that your company’s principles are reflected in your branding and interior design. Give each food business the individuality it deserves.


Interior designers may assist you in making the most of your space by recommending color schemes, furniture, and accessories. They can also provide space planning and management services if you want to build a house or renovate an existing space. Professionals who advise clients on how to use space include interior designers in Dubai. They can also offer advice on furnishings and color schemes for your house. In order to make your dream villa interior design in Dubai a reality. Interior designers collaborate with builders to acquire furniture that fits your vision and turn it into reality.


We have a group of gifted experts who can create the home of your dreams. They provide interior design services for homes, businesses, and more. We are a chic, durable, and ecological company. Our company has been around for a while and is expanding quickly. As one of the top interior designers in Dubai, we have been in the industry and produced some truly outstanding work. Therefore, call us immediately if you’re interested in designing stunning environments that complement your aesthetic sense.