Commercial Stainless Steel Tables

A stainless steel table ( is an indispensable part of equipping kitchens at manufacturing enterprises, in catering establishments, as well as in the food industry. Such furniture complies with all applicable standards and ensures the prompt execution of technological operations. Neutral, that is, having no devices for heating and cooling, the production table is located without adjoining the walls of the room.

The stainless steel table is part of the chef’s workplace. Stainless steel tables are durable, hygienic, resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and have high anti-corrosion characteristics. Countertops can also be made of propylene, approved for use in the food industry. Propylene, like stainless steel, is inert to chemical and thermal influences, easy to maintain and has a long service life.

Types of Commercial Work Tables

In addition to catering, these stainless steel commercial tabels are in demand in butcher shops when deboning meat or in the fish departments of stores. Structurally, any table can be made in any form, even according to the individual parameters of the customer. As in any technological equipment, there is an already formed model range of standard tables.

All stainless steel tables are standard. They consist of a base, a table top and a bottom shelf made from a solid sheet of metal. There are several types of stainless steel work tables:

  • production table;
  • table for flour work;
  • table for deboning meat;
  • table with a hole for food waste;
  • cabinet table.

This allows you to conveniently sort and store containers, tools and other utensils.

The edges of the frame and tabletops are folded for safe sanitization and operation by personnel. The range includes stainless steel tables of different configurations, which will allow customers to choose a table for individual needs. They can be supplied both assembled and disassembled.

As a rule, furniture has a collapsible design that simplifies transportation and storage. Models designed for washing vegetables have a built-in sink. Cutting tables for catering establishments have a smooth, even surface and are devoid of sides. The lower part is usually provided with a solid or perforated shelf, they are called work tables with undershelf. Metal tables have a welded or bolted design, and the increased thickness and cross-section of the profiles exclude swaying during power cutting of solid products.

Thanks to the manufacturing material, stainless steel prep table do not require special care. You won’t have to spend money on professional detergents either. All that needs to be done after using such furniture is to carry out its hygienic treatment (wash it with water and a disinfectant solution). Stainless steel work tables have no disadvantages. Unless you are tempted by the low price and want to buy a low-quality product with poorly finished edges. Reliable manufacturers always pay great attention to the careful processing of seams and joints.