Cool and Unique Last Names For Girls and Boys in 2023

People hardly get the option to choose their names and last names however, if you are getting the chance anywhere then, you should definitely not miss the opportunity as even though last names are the last they have the first impression on people and that is why if you are getting the opportunity to choose your own last name then, you should definitely choose a unique and cool last name that will leave a long-lasting impression on people.

Be it for you or someone else, having cool last names is a different feeling that many people enjoy and that is why in the blog, we are sharing some of the best last names that people can choose for girls and boys. 

Top Last Names for Girls

Here are some unique last names for girls that people can easily choose whenever they get the option to choose the perfect last name for any girl. 

  1. Abella

Abella is a very awesome last name that means bee and usually, the name was given to someone who is a hard worker and active and that is why you can choose this name for a hard-working girl. 

  1. Amana

Originating from Hebrew, Amana is a very sentimental last name that people can choose for someone who is considered to be loyal and trustworthy. 

  1. Bardot

There are hardly any people present who don’t like French names so if you are also a fan of French names then, you can choose Bardot as it is one of the good last names that people can choose for girls. 

  1. Beaumont

Beaumont is a very pretty last name that can be given to someone who is fair and beautiful and there are many people who have used this beautiful last name. 

  1. Bennet

The leading lady of Pride & prejudice is a character that everyone loves and that is why you can use the surname Bennet whenever you want to name someone who is fierce, loyal, and free. 

Best Last Names for Boys

There are many people who also want pretty last names for boys hence, we are going to tell you some aesthetic last names that people can use for boys. 

  1. D’Angelo

D’Angelo is a very wonderful last name that originated in Greece and the word comes from the work Angelus which refers to an angel. So, this name is pretty much perfect for an angelic person. 

  1. Adler

Having a last name with A means that you get to do everything first and if you are someone who likes this then, Adler is a very good last name for you that refers to an eagle. 

  1. Curran 

The next last name that you can choose is Curran. The name originated from the spearman clan and has Irish roots so, you can easily choose this name if you want to respect your family legacy. 

There are many other brilliant last names available on the website Onlinegeeks that people can select from if they want to know some other beautiful and awesome last names. 

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