Cordless screwdrivers are essentially small, lightweight versions of cordless drills. Their power far outweighs their size, and they are great for simple and undemanding tasks.

As their name states, they are predominantly used for driving screws into wood and plastic, but can also be used for small drilling tasks.

Cordless screwdrivers have an array of different features, and having a sound understanding of these plays an important part in the purchasing process as well as the efficient and effective use of the tool.

The first and most important feature to be aware of is the type of rechargeable battery that powers a cordless screwdriver. Hier bestellen These batteries can range in voltage from 3.6V to 10.8V, enabling them to remain very handy and lightweight, never exceeding a kilogram. Models with Li-ion batteries are the lightest, most convenient and longest lasting. Some models (high quality models in particular) will come with two detachable batteries, allowing you to have a charged back-up battery on hand. On some lower-end screwdrivers however, the battery may be integrated into the handle. This means that once the battery has been drained, it must be recharged before further work can be done.

The second noteworthy feature of cordless screwdrivers, and one to bear in mind, is that due to a cordless screwdriver’s ¼” (6.35mm) chuck, they can only take accessories with a ¼” hex shank. These accessories include screwdriver bits and hex shank high-speed steel (HSS) drill bits.

Other important features to assess are whether the tool has a clutch collar, mode switch, a one or two-speed transmission and a clamshell or jampot housing.

When purchasing a battery screwdriver, the main considerations you should make include how much power you require, the size and weight of the tool, and how often you will be using it.

The price of any tool is dependent on features, capability and quality of the model. At least one of these three things is usually sacrificed by manufacturers to reduce a product’s price and bolster its sales. After all, everything else aside, price is the most important factor for consumers.

It is important to note that the initial purchase cost of any power tool is not the entire cost. Accessories to render the tool functional, as well as downtime, maintenance and replacement costs also need to be taken into consideration. As long as you buy to your requirements, these costs will be kept to a minimum.

How to Choose Cordless Screwdriver

The cordless screwdriver is also known as the electric screwdriver, a great tool for working with wood, concrete and metals. A cordless screwdriver is compact and convenient to use anywhere. There are some main characteristics for you to think about when choosing a cordless screwdriver.

Size. Some of them are very compact so, it is easy to store in a small place at home or at work.

Grip. When choosing a screwdriver, it is very important you look for details in grip features. Grips can be made of plastic or rubber. Choose rubber because it provides comfort and a better grip. But a rubber grip will not necessarily protect you from electrical shock!

Voltage. If you work with soft materials such as wood, go for a small 3.8-volt motor. But if you work with heavy materials or work long hours go for a 12 or 14.4-volt motor. For constant use – it’s better to have a 18 volt motor.

Battery. Another attribute is battery life between charges. Treat it as a timesaver, the longer the battery life the more time you save by not having to recharge it often. Screwdrivers that have a longer operating time could be better investments in the long run. Some models have a second spare battery; some don’t – but pay attention to the price for the spare battery – the price for an extra battery could be just the same as the price for the screwdriver.

Speed. It is always handy to have options for speed. For example, having a slower speed will allow the user better control and will improve the accuracy of the work.

Weight. The weight of a cordless screwdriver can be crucial to consider. While making a choice, just place it into your hand and try to feel if it is comfortable to lift. When travelling, you could carry it in your bag or a backpack. Also consider a lightweight cordless screwdriver if you are always on the move.

Others. Consider a Hier bestellen LED light. With lighting you can easily see what you are doing. It is a great feature especially when working in dark corners.

Price. Screwdrivers come in a price range between $20 and $500 depending on the model.

A cordless screwdriver can be a great gift idea for your brother, friend, dad or even….a mum. And the last tip – when choosing a cordless screwdriver for a female friend, choose a lightweight model with pleasant coloring. She will appreciate that afterthought!

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