Dayara Bugyal trek | the best trek


Meadows landscape rolling down the hill going to the valley. The alpine lake is heart fulfilling. The snowy mountain range looks astonishing with their height as they emerge straight from the meadows and touch the sky. The view is mesmerizing from the top. Dayara bugyal trek is situated at the height of around 11,000 ft. Or above. You will be witnessing dense forests in the beginning where sunlight hardly finds its ways and these forest hikes will lead you to the lush green meadows with flowers bursting which are so pleasant and the guardian mountains which include mt. 

Bandarpoonch, shrikhand mahadev, kala nag, srikanth peak and gangotri peaks. Wanderlust who visited this place left them  behind till they came back. If you are a beginner you can trek in dayara bugyal trek. You will be surprised how dayara bugyal is widespread and you can not find where the meadows end. 

You can also do Laka Glacier Trek via Triund, which is the most beautiful snow covered trek of India.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is in April to November if you are looking to trek summers. And in winters you will witness the sheet of snow and skiers love this place in winters. The meadows go into hibernation under the thick snow every year. While in April snow starts to melt and give way to fresh glowing grass. It is best at every month of the year except for monsoons. 8 months give you 4 seasons to explore which have a different vibe from each. 

How to reach

Raithal is a small village 20 km above uttarkashi. Raithal is around 180 km from dehradun. Which will take at least 8 hours of drive. You can reach Dehradun by train or airplane. There is also a direct flight from Delhi to Dehradun daily. From Haridwar railway station, Raithal is around 225 km. You can reach Dehradun by Volvo bus service  available with different cities including New delhi. 

Day 1

Your day will be spent travelling to Raithal via uttarkashi. The mountain range of Himachal Pradesh can be seen as well. Within 30 km from dehradun you will see the most popular hill station of uttarakhand- mussoorie. 

Day 2

Raithal to Gui is a 4 hour trek which is the first point for dayara bugyal trek. You will go through the dense forest. Gui campsite is for stress relief and gives you pleasant vibes with a cup of tea and food. You can explore the area for the second day. 

Day 3

Once you cross Gui you will see mountains on the other side as well. Gui to chilapada to dayara top is the hike of 6-7 hours. Finally at the height of 11,900 ft.  Through densely oak and maple forest mostly flat walks but there is one place which is too steep. And you finally step into the meadows of dayara bugyal.  Rest and have lunch with the splendid view. And you can step down to the base camp before the evening. 

Day 4

Raithal to dehradun you can reach dehradun by 6 p.m so whatever your plans  from dehradun should be around 8-9pm. 

Additional information

Knowledge is important for trekking. What to expect and how to execute day to day. Travel by bus  instead of train. Buses are usually on time compared to trains. You have to have your original id card and photocopy. 

The trek is overall easy but it will be better if you prepare yourself before the trek by walking 2-3 km daily. There are no hotels or shops on the dayara as the region is not frequented by locals. so you have to take your food and beverages along with yourself. Locals might help you in cooking as they are available to cook for the trekking group