Did Pardo divorce Emily Frlekin?

Emily Frlekin belongs to the white American ethnicity and has become a media sensation because of her husband, a famous American actor who has played roles in numerous movies and series. Some of his well-renowned movies include A Cinderella Story, Snitch, and The Twilight Saga, but the most famous role he has ever played was of Toretto in F9.

Frlekin’s husband has also been part of various TV series; however, the most famous character he has ever played is Ezekiel Reyes, who is also widely known as EZ. The couple has a long love story because they started dating eight years before their mirage in 2010.

Did J.D. Pardo divorce Emily Frlekin?

In the past, we have encountered rumors of the divorce of Emily Frlekin and J.D. Pardo, which had put their fans in a challenging situation. They were extremely saddened by this heart-wrecking news because the fans wanted to see them together, especially when they have a four years old daughter.

The couple never confirmed the rumor of their divorce because they were not based on ground reality. When fans came to know that the couple was still together and were living their life happily, they took a sigh of relief. Moreover, the couple’s long love story shows they can’t break ties because they have been together for more than 20 years.

From dating till today

Jorge Daniel Pardo started his Bollywood career in 2001, and with the passage of time, he showed his natural talent and capabilities, and the colossal number of followers proves he is a fantastic actor. Pardo was born in California but raised in Los Angeles. Pardo and Emily started dating during the initial stages of his professional career; however, they decided to keep their relationship secret due to some reasons.

After dating for around eight years, the couple got married in 2010, and the exact date of their mirage is still unknown because they have shared this information with their fans. Moreover, Emily gave birth to their first child, whose name is still a mystery, but her gender is female. Their daughter was born in 2018, and their fans came to know about it when Emily’s sister Stephanie Arnow shared her photo on Facebook.

The family of three has been living in Berkeley, California and are pretty happy with their lives; furthermore, Emily has good ties with her siblings because she has paid tribute to them several times even though she does not have colossal followers and uses her social media accounts less often.

Final words

Emily Frlekin is a project manager who works for the Black Cards Foundation, this foundation target five key areas to spread awareness about. These five key areas include environment, poverty, global development, human development, and healthcare. She has become famous not because of her work but because she married famous American actor J.D. Pardo.

She was born and raised in California with her four sisters and four brothers. All of her siblings are educated and enjoying successful careers.