Discover What Interactive Videos Can Do For Your Company

Interactive video is the next step in the evolution of video as an element of attraction for the public. Video has always been a product that is consumed on a large scale in the digital world, but interactive video is a step forward since it includes something key: viewer participation. The viewer becomes a user and, therefore, participates in the content that he sees, in the action of the video.

The interactive video serves mainly to involve the viewer and that he becomes the protagonist of what the video tells. It is the most innovative commitment in user experience that currently exists at the level of online advertising and marketing. Through interactive posts video, the client becomes a user, goes from being a mere spectator to being part of something else, to feel part of the content that interests him and, above all, to decide since he is given the opportunity to influence the content presented to you.

Uses of interactive video in online marketing

The usefulness of interactive video depends on the objective you want to achieve with it, but whatever it is, there is an interactive video adapted to that product, service or situation. The importance of this audiovisual resource lies mainly in the fact that the client, the user, the consumer, the public itself, becomes the protagonist. There are multiple commercial uses of interactive video; we tell you the most relevant:

  • To sell a product directly from the video, what is known as video commerce? The user can choose which product they want to buy and what color, size, etc., being able to see the image of the product and the different alternatives at the same time and, above all, they can buy directly from the video.
  • To train, that is, use interactive video so that your audience knows something interesting about your company or about an interesting topic for your company. For example, if you have clothing store and you want to explain to your customers the difference between two types of trends. You teach with valuable content something that interests your audience and, at the same time, attracts it.
  • To improve your brandor rather, define your brand to improve the image of your company and differentiate yourself from others. To position your company in the sector in which you operate.
  • To introduce your company. This corporate function consists of making a presentation of your company telling its story or something specific about it. You can create a video-interactive website or an interactive corporate video in particular.
  • To communicate news, that is, to tell any event that is considered relevant from the point of view of communication. This format is the most similar to documentaries, but involving the viewer in the details that interest them most about it.
  • To tell fictional stories. This interactive video format is used to create interactive movies, stories in which the user is a part.

What benefits can interactive video bring to your business?

Interactive video brings your company closer to its target audience, thus improving the relationship between the client and the company. The main benefits from the commercial point of view are these:

  • Attracts the audience to your product, makes your audience gets to know your product or service.
  • Increases engagement and, therefore, customer loyalty with the company.
  • Improves the conversion rate, which is obviously essential for a company since it is about getting more end customers from the total number of people that the video content has reached.
  • Increase web traffic. This benefit is directly related to the previous one, the more visits your audience makes to your website, the more likely they are to become end customers.

Interactive videos are the audiovisual resource of the moment for your company to make the definitive leap between your competitors and get closer to your target audience. There is an interactive video for each objective of each company. If you are interested in making an interactive video to publicize your company or promote a product or service, keep in mind three simple steps: define the objective you want to achieve, decide what interactive video format you want and you can start creating it. At Visible Strategic Communication we can advise you and help you create the perfect interactive video for your company. Call us or write to us so that we can inform you about this innovative online marketing resource in the Canary Islands.

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