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Duties Of A Support Coordinator

Support coordination is one of the support facilities funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This program is designed to help people with significant disabilities have independent lives. It provides a wide range of support to its participants in the NDIS plan. The purpose of a support coordinator is to ensure that the participants get to manage their NDIS plan efficiently to achieve their goals.

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Here are some of the duties that a support coordinator must fulfil.

Help You Understand Your NDIS Plan

As new participants, it might seem difficult for most people to understand the NDIS plan completely and use it to its full potential. Support coordinators are supposed to help you understand your NDIS plan so you can access all the support services and manage your funds efficiently.

Coordinate Your Support

Support coordinators are also responsible for connecting you to the right service providers and support workers. There is an ocean of service providers who provide different services; identifying which one is right for you is a task, and your support coordinator can help you coordinate all the support you receive so you can make the most of your funding.

Build Independence

One of the primary goals of NDIS is to help the participants live as independently as possible. Support coordinators make it possible by giving you the opportunity of decision-making. They are responsible for presenting you with options so you can make a choice yourself. They also create opportunities for you to enhance your confidence and independence.

Prepare For Crisis

There’s no telling when an unexpected situation might occur. Support coordinators are supposed to be prepared for any crisis so they can take instant calls and control the situation. They should know where to call and what to do, and they must also prepare the participants beforehand.

Report To The NDIA

Support coordinators are also responsible for reporting your progress to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). The report should mention what the support coordinator and the participant have done so far, how they are using the NDIS plan, and what they plan to do next. Lastly, it should mention the recommendations for the next NDIS plan.

Act In Your Best Interest

Your support coordinator must act in your best interest. They can do it by recommending support that fulfils your needs and brings you closer to your goals, avoiding any conflict of interest and avoiding engaging in any sharp practices.

Support Coordinators Make Sense Of Everything

The NDIS plan can be daunting, especially for new participants, because they don’t have any prior experience with this support program. A good support coordinator walks you through the plan so you can understand it completely. Their job is to make sense of everything. You will have to make many small and big decisions in your journey with the NDIS, and it’s your support coordinator’s job to walk alongside you to assist you in your choices.

They help you identify what support you are looking for, which service provider provides the best quality services, and where you should spend your funding. They see things from different angles and make sure that you get value for your money. All these decisions can have a significant impact on your NDIS experience. So having a great support coordinator can make all the difference for you and your family.

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