Early Childhood Education: How To Become A Successful Room Leader

A room leader is responsible for organising daily activities in a childcare centre. It includes aiding and stimulating a healthy learning environment, quality control and maintenance. The job also entails staff supervision and training and coordination with parents and caregivers.

A room leader essentially is a part of the management team of early childhood care and education. They are directly in charge of the smooth functioning of a nursery, day-care and similar early childhood education set-ups.

Who can be a Room Leader?

If you are someone who loves being around little kids and everything that comes with it, you already have the core quality to become a room leader. If you enjoy the idea of shaping and nurturing little personalities and providing a strong foundation in the field of education and childcare, then you may consider being a Room leader your calling.


Room leaders are primarily involved with a larger team in the childcare ecosystem and their individual contributions go a long way in the efficient running of the childcare centre. Salient features of a day in the life of a room leader include but are not restricted to:

1. Supporting the management in achieving a common goal and simultaneously acknowledging and utilizing different skill-sets and resources available.

2. Aiding and providing a purposeful, stimulating environment that is rich in learning opportunities and high-quality care in the early years setting.

3. Setting targets and being a key person for building relationships with a small group of children and their families.

4. Assisting in the development and support of other staff members through effective communication and knowledge sharing.

5. Promoting respect and value among colleagues, children and parents and encouraging a positive and diverse working environment.

6. Delegating tasks for greater efficiency and identifying training needs for the welfare of educators and children.

7. Maintenance of records pertaining to observations regarding individual child’s progress. And also liaised with every stakeholder regarding the daily schedule and changes in it, if any.

8. Accurate record-keeping pertaining to medication, special needs etc. And also ensuring that the physical environment remains conducive to a child’s all-around development.

Requirements of the role

A room leader is not an easy job and it takes someone who is experienced and qualified to successfully become an efficient leader of the room.

Room leaders need to be familiar with and have a thorough understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and National Quality Standards (NQS). And also with the National Regulations to ensure their practices are aligned with the same. Along with these their centre’s vision, policies and procedures need to be simultaneously adhered to and reflected throughout the program and planning and the duties and tasks being completed.

Training Programs

The early years are a challenging space and one needs to be equipped with the right tools and training to break through and make a mark in the sector. In an environment as dynamic as a nursery or a kindergarten setting, best practices need to be continuously upgraded to incorporate fresh ideas, adaptability and innovation.

Based on your educational qualifications and prior experience (or even the lack of it), you will need to complete an approved certificate III or a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. These child care courses in Perth impart practical experience and skills for you to confidently move into your new role.

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

A certificate III is a minimum requirement to work as an early childhood care provider as per Education and Care Services National Regulations of Australia and the National Quality Standard of Australia. Hence it is imperative for a beginner to learn foundation skills to take basic care of children in a healthy and regulated manner.

This certificate course will help you to comprehensively design and implement a framework of approved learning for learning and development in the early years. You will be able to begin and continue work in a range of early childhood education settings. And also help children reach their individual learning milestones as well as group outcomes.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

If you are looking to build on your current experience in Early Childhood Education, then this course is for you.

A diploma in early childhood care will equip you to identify and implement strategies for relationship development plans keeping in mind the approach needed for individuals and a group. It focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement a curriculum for children.

The modules taught in Child Care Diploma Courses prepare you for managerial and director-level roles at childcare centres as well.

Soft skills required for the role

Good organisational and leadership skills are important aspects of becoming a successful room leader. In addition, a room leader is also expected to have compassion, patience, time-management and communication skills. A quick learner who can demonstrate delegation and mentorship qualities is highly desired in the field.

Further, the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has a list of approved programs and credentials required to work in an early education program.

Who can be successful in this role?

A successful Room leader is as much a team player as they are a leader. Someone who has a vision and knowledge to work towards it is open to feedback and leads by example can be successful in this job. A good listener who is patient and confident in dealing with colleagues, children and parents alike would definitely succeed in this sector. Of course, being equipped with the necessary qualifications is a prerequisite.

Job opportunities

The early childhood education sector offers work that is fulfilling and makes a genuine difference each day. There is a multitude of job opportunities in this sector right from a centre manager, an administrator, and a Kindergarten teacher to a nanny, waiting for the right candidate. A Room Leader is a promising career option for those seeking job satisfaction, a handsome payout and a challenging yet gratifying profession.


Many top colleges in Perth Australia help you choose your desired course. And also assist in your career-building aspirations in the early childhood care sector. So, if you are ready to make a career in this field, then start your research regarding the best colleges in Australia as soon as possible.

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