Embroidered Fashion & Accessories

Custom embroidery is one of the top-notch and unique ways of creating a brand of your own and carving your own niche. Embroidery is commonly used for customized workwear and business shirts. In addition, it can be used to create personalized sports and college apparel as it helps create a refined and long-lasting appearance.

Embroidered items are often overlooked as a form of promotional marketing but the primary purpose of using embroidered items is to improve brand awareness. Using embroidered items is a reliable, affordable, and effective promotional marketing method. Leveraging embroidered fashion items and accessories can help with brand awareness and recognition.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s a free form of marketing as it helps communicate the brand message to others. However, many businesses have a hard time finding the right products to embroider on and we are sharing some ideas with you!

1. Business Shirts

If you want your employees to look professional and professional while presenting the brand, you can opt for embroidered business shirts. In particular, you can use the collared business shirts and embroider them to make a standard uniform. Customized embroidery is an optimal way for businesses to promote their brand because embroidery is considered a high-end and formal way of customizing the employee uniform or apparel.

The best thing about embroidered collar shirts is that they look more professional as compared to screen-printed shirts. In addition, the embroidery can be done in different colors and styles to cater to your brand theme as well as designs to meet and exceed the customization prerequisites.

2. Polo Shirts

If you have an active office environment or a sports team, it is recommended that you make personalized embroidered polo shirts. That’s because these shirts offer a relaxed and comfortable experience to the wearer without compromising on professionalism. The polo shirts are usually made from breathable knit fabric, which promises maximum comfort and movement flexibility.

In addition, you can enhance the polo shirts by getting the team name and company name embroidered on the shirts. However, it’s recommended that you choose the color of polo shirts that resonate with your company’s logo – it creates a unified branding experience.

3. Jackets

The letterman jackets with customized embroidery make a perfect promotional product for social groups as well as the company’s sports teams. As far as embroidery details are concerned, you can add the team member’s name, designation in the company, and the company logo. The fashion experts recommend adding the company logo on the back side of the jacket. In addition, the zip and lining around the zip can be chosen in colors that are similar to your company’s logo.

4. Caps & Hats

Ranging from winter caps to baseball hats, you can use embroidered headwear for promoting the brand and the caps and hats actually look great with embroidery. In particular, if the employees work outside or you belong to the industry that needs head covering, you can create custom embroidered caps and hats for the employees – it’s a great way of letting the customers know about your brand.

Customized caps and hats are also a promising choice for the company’s sports teams when they will be playing under the sun the entire day. Customized embroidery is a creative and unique way of personalizing headwear. In addition to embroidery, you can emboss the designs and wording but don’t forget to experiment with patterns and colors to highlight the brand.

5. Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Even if you have a professional environment in the office, you can still get the sweatshirts and hoodies customized with embroidery, so they can wear them at home or while running errands – it’s an indirect way of marketing your brand. You can embroider the company logo and it’s actually a great choice for people living in a colder environment.

6. Tote Bags                    

Ranging from transporting the gear around or carrying groceries, you can use the embroidered tote bags to provide mileage to the brand. The best thing about tote bags is that they are extremely beneficial and versatile and are preferred by people who need an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Also, the tote bags will be regularly used, which improves the marketing outcomes.

7. Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are another popular and reliable embroidery product. It is a spacious and lightweight option for carry-on luggage, sports gear bags, and gym bags. The custom embroidery on the duffle bags will create a unique design and it’s actually an apt way of helping your team carry their gear in style (or should we say branded style?).

8. Messenger Bags

If you have employees who tend to travel around for meetings and work in the field, you can customize the messenger bags with embroidery digitizing. The messenger bags are known for their sturdy construction and multiple compartments and pockets, so they can carry supplies. The messenger bag can help carry the laptop, visiting cards, chargers, and a few snack bars, while your employees are on the go.

For this reason, the embroidered messenger bags can help promote the company and makes sure that the employees are representing the brand whenever they meet someone.

9. Tumblers & Coffee Mugs

With the increasing concerns about eco-friendly practices, it’s become common for people to carry their own tumblers while traveling. So, another promotional product to create is the embroidered tumblers. There are cloth-covered tumblers available in the market, which can be embroidered with the brand logo and the employee’s name. In addition to tumblers, you can also embroider the coffee mugs or get your employees embroidered coasters for their homes.

The Bottom Line

The well-designed and top-notch embroidered promotional products will be well-perceived by the customers as well as employees. It will help ensure maximum promotion for the brand, so it’s time you spike up the brand promotion by using the embroidered promotional products. Having said that, it’s time you start searching for embroidery and digitizing company to help you customize your promotional products!