Is It Worth Getting A 17-Inch Laptop, Or Are They Too Big to Work On?

use laptops since they are small and adaptable enough to run the programs we require. You may work productively without being distracted by your surroundings; You can work from home, in the office, or in a college classroom. For everyone, laptop size matters. Let’s take as an example one particular case.

Gaming is one of the most cherished moments in everyone’s life. Despite the games being different for each person, they are perfect for all of us in terms of fun, excitement, and enjoyment. With the advent of mobile, tablets, consoles, and even gaming laptops, the game-playing experience has improved dramatically. When it comes to games, a person will typically pick a bigger display for a more realistic perspective and a wider vision angle.

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Is A 17-Inch Laptop Too Big to Work On?

First, let’s examine the cons and pros of each option.


People prefer bigger displays when working on their computers to do their tasks effectively, depending on their interests and career. Because a huge screen has more area for components, it is more efficient and durable.

The Nvidia Max-Q Gusties 17-inch extra power Laptop is known to provide a similar level of versatility and robustness, making it the ideal gaming, graphical visualization, and professional productivity all in one. Once the laptop is plugged in, it becomes easier to keep an eye on what you’re working. The keyboard is more comfortable than a clamshell, but if your laptop has a 17-inch screen, portability will be sacrificed.

Now that we’re talking about smaller laptops, there are additional benefits to having a laptop with a smaller size. Laptops with small displays are generally smaller and lighter. Even though they have a smaller size, some laptop models on the market provide higher resolution and narrower angle of vision than before.

A laptop is usually heavier than a desktop computer, so slimming down the size of your existing device has proved to be an effective strategy. You will find that you don’t need many accessories since they are far more portable and lightweight.

Wider Viewing Angle

The most significant benefit in technical terms is a wide viewing angle. A wider viewing angle means that bigger displays are more visible, allowing you to see and watch everything comfortably from a greater distance.

The greatest thing about a 17-inch laptop is that it will improve your productivity and overall experience due to the larger display with a better viewing angle.


The trouble is that most of the time, they aren’t. The issue usually lies with weight. Although a few laptops are lighter on average, they tend to weigh more overall. Now it’s entirely up to you whether a few extra pounds bother you or not.

For others, such as those who are extremely thin or obese, weight will not be a problem. However, for other individuals, a few extra pounds might pose a serious risk of instability because bigger laptops are more prone to slipage or mishaps than smaller ones.

However, for many individuals, it’s merely unpleasant and cumbersome, much like carrying extra weight on their back. Most of the time, it becomes irritating. The good thing about the bigger ones is how much pleasure they provide you. When you’re shopping for a laptop computer, make sure to consider the dimensions of the screen. Laptops with smaller screens may be lightweight, but they don’t deliver the same level of expertise as larger displays.

The problem is that most laptops on the market with a screen size of 17 inches are larger in weight; for example, the Dell XPS 15 weighs 4.42 pounds, whereas most 17-inch laptops weigh 5 lbs and up. But, when do you require a bigger screen or one that is smaller?

Ease of Working

If you’re a multifunctional individual who prioritizes productivity over comfort, for example, as you may work while sitting in an airline seat or on a crowded coffee shop, small displays are ideal since they take up less space on the table.

When it comes to travel by air, where you have a fixed amount of space, you would not choose a larger laptop because it wouldn’t fit in your sitting area and would be an annoyance to your fellow passenger.

When it comes to college or school students who must carry it all the time and have to carry it on their backs, I believe they would not want to vote for something so hefty. There’s another aspect that contributes to this.

They would not want to purchase a second bag to carry them since they don’t always fit into the standard luggage. A tiny display, along with weight and space, consumes more energy and is something that will be taken into account at times.

Consider how you will use your laptop: mostly at home or on the road, traveling or going back and forth to work?

If you spend maximum of your time in one place, such as at home or at work, a 17-inch laptop is excellent. You’ll get a more realistic screen and the ability to use a 4k panel, among other things.

A 17-inch laptop is ideal for video editing or photo editing, as well as gaming on your laptop if you are primarily using your laptop screen for video or picture editing, or gaming. The better scenario you have the more effectively you can work with a more realistic display.

You’ll have the option of a 4K panel or one with a higher refresh rate, such as a 140Hz or 144Hz. Laptops may soon offer a 300-hertz monitor screen. A fast refresh rate is vital when you’re playing games. A 4K monitor can be beneficial if you enjoy taking photographs or filming video.

It’s so large and heavy that you’ll notice it every time you’re carrying it. However, even if you get one of these lighter ones, such as the MSI 75, what about when you travel by air and have little room where you are sitting!

People will immediately begin asking you why you have such a huge computer or a gaming laptop while in a meeting if you walk into one with a 17-inch laptop on the table. 

17-inch and smaller laptops are typically quite similar. There is not much more horsepower to be gained by upgrading from a 15 to a 17 inch laptop. The most essential aspect may be the screen reality that you will receive.

The one thing that differs significantly in most 17-inch laptops is the fact that they usually include a rather large power adaptor, which is not USB C.

You’ll need a barrel connector, so you won’t be able to use a smaller charger. The USB C adaptor is crucial. You may purchase or obtain a C-type adaptor in the event that your charger is misplaced, however you may must cope with some challenges if you require a large capacity adaptor.


There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. It is determined on the work you wish to do with your laptop. Is there anything extra hefty that affects you? It all comes down to personal preference. I’ve compared both displays, as far as I can tell.

So, continue to make your decision and selection. We can’t promise that you won’t feel at ease using a 17-inch laptop. However, it is largely determined by the sort of work you’re doing and how you operate.

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