The dangers of not taking ownership of your feelings

We don’t grow up in a vacuum, of course, we will be influenced by those around us. We also tend to relegate our feelings to others. We let our emotions be ruled by the behavior of those around us.

We subject our feelings to how people make us feel. While it is understandable to some extent, however, if we continue giving power to others, it can have a grave impact on our mental health.

It can also lead to lack of emotional regulation, making us vulnerable to mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression that then requires the intervention of the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore.

There are other ways that letting people dictate our emotions damage our wellbeing. These include:

Can be exploited

If your emotions are not regulated by your mind, then it will be easier for others to exploit you. They can coerce you to do things that you would not otherwise.

Fixating on your feelings alone

Another danger of letting your emotions be regulated by those around you is that it can make you very self-centric. What you feel is the sole truth, and all that it matters. You then don’t give others benefit of the doubt.

For example, if your friend did not receive your call, it does not mean that they hate you, don’t care about you, it can also be that they are genuinely busy.

Lack of control

If your emotions are so volatile that anyone can trigger them, then it means that you don’t yield enough control over your mood. It puts you at a vulnerable spot since anyone can rile you up anytime. It gives people control over you, instead of you having sufficient control over your own self.

Lack of accountability

When everything that you do and feel is the fault of other people, then you will also not take responsibility for your emotions and reactions. It will then be easy for you to shift the blame on others, not holding yourself responsible.

Lack of accountability can also then make you not a particularly pleasant person; there is only so much blame that you can shift to others. At the end of the day, you are a human being with thinking capacity, and the onus of your actions lies entirely on you, not other people. Adulthood does not work by shirking from your responsibilities!

Prevents you from understanding your reactions

When your emotions are subjected entirely to what people make you feel, and not what you feel yourself, you don’t then have the basic understanding of your own emotions.

You refrain from digging deep into your reaction, trying to rationalize it. If it very important for all of us to take account of what thing made us feel which emotion, so that we are better attuned to our internal responses and self. But if it is all contingent on the people, then you are stranger to your own self.

Promotes victim mindset

When people can play your emotions like a fiddle, you are also more likely to then to get in the victim mindset, feeling shortchanged on every occasion.

Never ending loop

Without taking ownership of your own emotions, you will be at the mercy of others, and the way they make you feel. So, if you are with toxic people, you will not charge your emotions towards change, but remain in the perpetually toxic circumstance.

Spiraling towards negativity

We are all dealt bad cards. We all have our challenges to bear. However, if we constantly let the bad behaviors of others regulate our emotions, then we will be stuck in a loop of negativity and hopelessness.

This layer of sadness, refusal to not let other affect you, and wallowing in misery can then have a grave impact on your mental wellbeing, and may also then require help of an online psychiatrist.