Gift Opal To Your Sister On Raksha Bandhan

Festivals are the most joyful and memorable occasions people celebrate for several reasons, depending on their culture. Jewelry is something damn crucial as folks select it according to festival and outfit.

Sparkling, stylish, and tempting Gemstone Jewelry is an excellent gift option for a lovely sister on the auspicious, divine, and prominent festival of Raksha Bandhan.

The famous festival Raksha Bandhan is a divine auspicious festival on which brothers and sisters unite to take a pledge to protect themselves from undesirable situations by tieing the decorative Rakhi and eating sweets.

Rakhsha Bandhan & Opal Present

Sisters tie the Rakhi on their brother’s hand and then offer presents to their sister by offering sweets to their brother as a positive gesture and expect to protect and support them in tough times.

As a result of expressing love and seeking blessings of their sisters, all brothers gift her something in return. So giving something precious and classy like Opal will be a fantastic surprise for your loved ones.

Gift your sister elegant, trendy, and radiant Opal Jewelry in the form of earrings, rings, and necklaces. She can also pair them with any ensemble as Opal accessories will go well with ethnic and western looks.

Astrological Benefit of Gifting Opal Gemstone

Undoubtedly, Opal is one of the most captivating creations of nature. The magnetic play of color is evident in all Opals and has impressed people over centuries.

Legends also claim that Opal was considered a valuable gem in Ethiopia, where it was famous as a gift of god. The Australian Aborigines thought it could bring good fortune and long life. Opal gemstones also link with the stars, therefore known as the Star Stone.

This gem also connects with zodiac signs such as Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo. They also detect epileptic seizures and eradicate negative energy/ evil spirits.

Advantages of Australian Opal

Opals are appealing, warm, and opalescent gemstones that belong to Australia and are famous as the best Opals in the world. Therefore, they are popularly called Australian Opals. They appear from translucent to opaque gems that also display play of color.

There are many types of Australian Opal based on their origin or composition: Ones found in Queensland, which display gorgeous fire and brilliance and dark color hues of green, yellow, red, and blue flashes. These valuable gems get sourced from Lightning Ridge.

The most valuable Opals exhibit vibrant blues or greens with glimmers of red fire.

Healing Benefits of Opal Gemstone

Gift your sister the Opal Sterling Silver Jewelry for high vibrational energy, amplification powers, and a sense of balance. It enhances your creative side and brings revitalized hope and regulation.

Opal is a rare gemstone with its status, including elements of luxury, opulence, and leading a remarkable life. It should not necessarily be money but can also be about other indulgences of life.

Gifting Opal accessories such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces is best for physical well-being. The tempting and colorful stone cures infections and reduces fever.

It’s good for vision and renews the skin cells. Alluring Opal brings balance and harmony. It also enables you to let go of past or old painful memories, patterns, and connections that are not beneficial for you anymore.

Opal – Ideal Present As a Zodiac Birthstone

The Opal is an October birthstone and best for ones with zodiac signs of Scorpio and Libra. So, the Librans should wear stunning and dazzling Opal Ring as they admire balance and seek to nurture harmony in their life.

Librans are good at teamwork, and their ruling planet is Venus. Scorpios also avail advantage of the beauty and grace of Opal Gem.