How Long Do Gift Cards Last?

The FDIC – federal deposit insurance corporation stated that gift cards are also subjected to the credit card act protections. Although, they can be used whenever the particular brand accepts which they are related to but they cannot be expired for at least five years.

You can easily use them for the day of activation to the five years later. That is why you’re recommended to don’t promote collecting gift cards much. Cash them within a short period after you got them.

Pay attention – you can use them for shopping, meal and much more else. Interestingly, you can also exchange them with cash amounts. For this, you would have need to connect with a legit source and pay a specific ratio of overall gift card amount as a fee.

Also, the federal government has passed a law due to which you are strictly asked to use the redeem the gift cards within 12 months after they activated. Because after 12 months, their value might be diminished. Plus, the fee might be charged for inactivity, service and dormancy.

If you don’t know, usually the date of activation and expiry is mentioned on back of the gift cards. But if you don’t find any expiry mentioned on back, you can contact the customer support of that particular card brand and get information about it. Apart from this, you can contact any authorized application and convert your gift cards in your local currency cash.

Yes, you’ve heard the right. Let us explain you!

As we mentioned above, there are sources present offering gift card to Naira conversion. You can find these applications on search engine – Google, but don’t go with any unknown. It might be risky going with such an application which don’t have legit reputation and authorized among people.

Here are some features you should check in gift cards exchange applications:

  • You should firstly check out the popularity among people
  • Easy procedures and money transferring methods
  • Great customer support to solve your confusions
  • Highest prices offer upon selling gift cards

Considering these features in mind, we found with one legit application. You can explore everything about it below.

Gcbuying – Convert Gift Card To Naira Immediately!

Meet with the ideal application which is highly reputable, rated and reviewed among people and verified customers. It has such easy procedures of trading and getting money transfers on the spot which are really appreciable. What you need to do is that install their application from Google Play Store and create your account. Then, add your bank details where you want to receive the payments and go for trading cards. Upon selling, you will immediately receive payments in your account which you can further transfer to your bank account.

That is how simple trading with them.

In case of any confusion regarding their services, we’d recommend you to connect with the customer support system where a team of professional representatives is there. Only you need to connect with them and share your queries and confusions. Surely, they will response efficiently.

The Bottom Line

We shared in-depth detail about expiry of gift cards, and much more in the above article. Plus, a legit source which is dealing with conversion of gift cards and offering highest prices upon trading. Install the application and proceed today.