Good Girl Perfume Guide)

If someone asks me who is pickier boys or girls? I will blindly say that girls are pickier than boys. But today we are not talking about who chooses or not. Today we are here to talk about some of the best perfumes for girls.

So, let’s get started.

Although there are many brands in the market that offer long-lasting and decent fragrances. But if you’re looking for a brand that promotes love, then look no further than’s Good girl perfume. is a brand that brings you the best perfumes in the world to wear for any event or occasion.

Good girl perfume is one of the best perfumes in this category. Today we will look at his production of some other products.

The purpose of the Dossier perfume brand

One of the main goals of the Dossier brand is to produce the best and sophisticated luxury perfumes. Keep in mind the appeal of girls and women at a very affordable price.

Production of Good Girl perfume

As mentioned above, good girl perfume is one of the best perfumes in this category. The fragrance bottles are made from 100% recyclable material except for the pump that is used to spray the perfume. Good girl perfume is floral with a hint of fruitiness which makes it perfect for all kinds of occasions. Moreover, it is not heavy and will not bother or disturb other people around you.

Along with all these additions of the sweet and attractive qualities of the jasmine flower, a good girl’s perfume provides its brightness and femininity in the sense of smell.

Other products

Fruity almonds

As the name suggests, it is made by combining various dry fruits such as almonds, coca and iris. Along with that, it also has a combination of melocoton, nardo, almendra, azahar and haba tonka. This fruity combination offers sweetness, sensuality and lightness. And thanks to all these qualities, Fruity Almond is perfect for any occasion or especially for an evening with your loved one.

Flowerbomb perfume

You might be wondering, what is that name? Flowerbomb is given precisely because this perfume is pure floral fantasy. And the bottle, which contains a floral blend of bergamot, rose, freesia and sambac jasmine, is shaped like a Grande.

The combination of these flowers creates a sensual fragrance that every girl will fall in love with. And it’s a perfect gift for girls who love flowers.

Good Girl vs Fruit Almond vs Flower Bomb – Which One is Better?

When it comes to choosing between Good Girl and Fruity Almond, it seems to be very difficult to decide. Because both are excellent with different kinds of fragrance and functions. Good Girl has a floral scent with a light fruity flavor. And the fruity almond has a woody scent with a hint of vanilla, making it perfect for everyday use. On the other hand, Flowerbomb is pure floral fantasy that any girl would love. All fragrances are best for special occasions, but Good Girls stands at the top for dates.

What does Good Girl perfume smell like?

Although all perfumes are the best and smell great. But the sweet and alluring features of jasmine make it perfectly feminine and bright. Plus almonds. Coca and Tonka make this perfume last a long time.

How to choose the best perfume?

When it comes to choosing the best perfume for your lady. You can’t just trust your own nose. Just because some women have strong preferences and some want to have a little sweet fruity scents. The best way to buy is to know about her tendencies, that she gravitates towards floral or fruity scents. Once you know about these preferences, you will be able to choose easily on


As we all know, there are many brands in the market that are famous and useful for girls, but the documentation stands at the top. Just because of the wide range and price tags. Therefore, we recommend the documentation to all ladies to try.