Group Activities for Office Scavenger Hunts

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, your team has likely been connecting through virtual team-building strategies or not meeting at all. Now that the virus has been contained, you might consider an office scavenger hunt to help your employees reconnect.

Scavenger hunts are engaging, high-energy activities that your workers can enjoy in any location using various items. You may challenge your staff to take pictures of businesses that begin with the same letters. This activity increases productivity by keeping them interested, active, and innovative. Other group activities for your office scavenger hunts include the following:

Selfie Challenge

This scavenger hunt involves grouping your employees into teams and asking them to take selfies while in a certain city or area. To make it fun, you should list items that should appear in each group’s selfie. You can include items such as:

  • Statue
  • Zoo
  • Red flower
  • Lake
  • Bridge

There are many opportunities for this scavenger hunt to help your employees interact while having fun. Consider incorporating the items and areas within the locations you intend to run the hunt. Make the challenge last for several days for a fun and intense corporate reunion.

Scavenger Hike and Nature Walk

This hunt involves getting your employees to enjoy activities out in nature. It can be in the form of a hike or a nature walk. Make a list of the things or activities that various groups will do to add interest to the hike. For example, they can look for opportunities to photograph the following things:

  • A cave
  • Birds
  • Beautiful view
  • A waterfall
  • Ripe fruit on a tree

The items to include in the list vary depending on the location of the scavenger hunt. Be sure to tailor your hiking activities to your location. You can also have a list of videos that the teams can create while hiking. Some of the prompts could include:

  • Singing
  • Performing a skit
  • Dancing

Alphabet Hunt

Alphabet hunts are open-ended scavenger hunts where you ask all team members to take photos of an object, person, or place for every letter of the alphabet. Each group should have 26 pictures labeled A-Z, corresponding to the image taken. For example, photo B should be an image of something starting with the letter B, like a bridge.

The alphabet hunt is fun as it requires the group members to be proactive in identifying items for the alphabet. It helps your employees learn time management skills and think creatively about the world around them.

Office Scavenger Hunt Puzzles

Office puzzles are an exciting way to create hunt clues to spark creativity among your employees. You can use a photo of an apple minus an image of an ape plus an ant photo and ask the teams to find the answer. The hidden clue for this hunt is a location around or in an area starting with the letter “P.”

(Apple – ape = PL+ ant= “P”LANT)

Using less direct clues, you can design the puzzles to your desired complexity levels. It helps your workers to engage each other as they try to find a solution. 

Wild Goose Chase

This activity involves your employees venturing into the outside world as they complete a series of unique video and photo challenges. A wild goose chase enables them to think outside the box as they tackle various challenges.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Taking a snap of your team standing next to a city clock that reads 10 minutes after the hour of taking the photo
  • Heading to a playground and capturing your team on a balanced seesaw with their feet off the ground
  • Staging a cycling competition with two other teams and recording a 4-second video of both teams executing uniform movements

Open Ended Questions

Question task scavenger hunt involves setting topic-based questions for your workers to answer within a set time. Write down questions about your company to help your employees relate more to it. An example of a question is, “What do you think is the most interesting concept about our company’s culture?”

Make the activity interesting by asking the teams to record each other while responding to the questions. If it starts to rain, give your open-ended challenges to your staff so they may keep having fun inside.

Host Engaging Scavenger Hunt Activities!

Whether your corporate’s interactions were limited to virtual sites or made impossible by the pandemic, an office scavenger hunt can help your employees reunite and get to know each other. Through a set of outdoor activities, your workers interact while having fun. To begin the hunt, divide your employees into groups and assign them to appropriate challenges to be completed within a specified time. For the best experience, allow them to solve the challenges outdoors, whether in the city, in a playground, or in a nearby park.