How does a ute roof top tent work

If you are one of those campers who just love adventure, then Ute Roof Top Tent is for you. Their quick setting up time means you can easily camp anywhere you want. Don’t forget the durable construction, which makes them perfect even for wilderness and in any harsh weather condition. So, the time has come when you can ditch your tent on the muddy cold ground and climb up the ladders into a more comfortable environment. But, before you do that, you might want to know how a UTE Roof Top Tent actually works. Read till the end of the article to answer your queries.

How to install the UTE Roof Top Tent

Before you set out for camping, you need to first mount the tent to your vehicle. The Ute Roof Top Tent is designed differently from standard tents and each model will have different installation methods to follow. However, the general process remains the same for all.

·         You need to place the tent on the roof rack associated with your car, and then just slide it into the right place.

·         Make sure to secure the tent by bolting down the available mounting hardware.

There are some more specified instructions available with the model you have chosen. For that, don’t forget to read the manual available with your chosen UTE Roof Top Tent.

The mounting brackets

The newest versions of Ute Roof Top Tent will have premium mounting brackets. These brackets will make it a lot easier to install the tent on the roof racks within a span of just 4 minutes. So, you will take half of the original time otherwise used for setting up a traditional tent! The new mounting system or hardware will lock the tent to the roof racks and result in extra security.

Ways to use the UTE Roof Top Tent

After you have reached your location, it is time to set up the UTE Roof Top Tent. There are two options available under it – pop-up and fold-out. Both these options are a lot quicker than traditional tents on the ground.

·         Most of the soft-shell tents are fold-out in nature. So, pull the travel cover, pull out the ladder and get the tent unfolded.

·         On the other hand, the hard shell UTE Roof Top Tents works on the pop-up mechanism. Here, just unlatch the latches and the tent will pop right on the place.

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