Hair Straightener Lawyers Seek Class Action Status

Hair straighteners, sometimes called hair straighteners, are used in various ways, such as straightening hair. However, if misused, they can cause hair damage as they can damage the hair structure. They are often used repeatedly to maintain the effects. Some experts believe that using hair straighteners can cause cancer. Although hair straighteners are designed to meet safety standards, these products contain chemicals that can harm the health of those who use them. This means that the devices can cause legal action for chemical hair straighteners.

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny Mitchell’s hair straightener lawyers seek class-action status for women who have contracted uterine cancer after using chemical hair straighteners. She is now 32 years old and has filed a lawsuit against L’Oreal USA and several entities involved in developing and marketing the products. Among those named as defendants are Motions, Olive Oil Relaxer, and Organic Root Stimulator.

Hair Straightener Lawyers Seek Class Action Status

Several studies have found a link between chemical hair straightening products and uterine cancer, including a study by the National Institutes of Health chemical hair straightener uterine cancer lawsuit. The results are alarming, particularly considering that women who use chemical hair straightening products regularly face a higher risk of uterine cancer than those who don’t. The study included nearly 34,000 women from all over the country and found a two-fold risk increase among women who regularly used chemical straighteners.

The lawsuit alleges that the chemicals used in hair straighteners can disrupt the body’s endocrine system and cause uterine cancer. Lawyers for Jenny Mitchell claim that L’Oreal’s products were a significant cause of her uterine cancer.

ORS Olive Oil

ORS Olive Oil hair straightener lawsuit lawyers are looking to seek class-action status. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that the products are causing uterine cancer and endometriosis in women. They are seeking compensatory, exemplary, and punitive damages. Their case will go to trial in a federal court in Georgia.

Jenny Mitchell, an attorney representing the women who sued ORS and L’Oreal, claims that products for relaxing hair contain chemicals that can cause diseases of the endocrine system and cancer. Mitchell had uterine cancer diagnosed and is now unable to bear children. She claims she didn’t know the chemicals she was exposed to were connected to cancer or other endocrine disorder.

Namaste Laboratories, based in the South Loop, manufactures Olive Oil and ORS curl relaxers. Another multi-level beauty business, Monat, is accused of using dangerous chemicals in its cosmetics.

One lawsuit filed by a consumer has garnered significant press attention because it alleges that hair straightening products are causing uterine cancer.

Hair straighteners are a popular way to style curly hair. Unfortunately, they break down the structure of hair and require multiple uses to maintain their effect. In addition, users often use these products repeatedly to maintain the straightening effect. Many believe that using these hair straighteners puts them at risk for cancer. As such, it is essential to seek legal counsel immediately if you are a victim of hair straightening and have suffered an adverse reaction.


The L’Oreal hair straightener lawsuit was filed by a Missouri woman who says that the product she was using caused her to develop uterine cancer. She has used the products since she was 10 years old and was diagnosed with the disease at 28. Her lawsuit asks the court to order the company to pay her for her damages. She is not alone in this case; her attorney predicts many similar cases. The lawsuit claims that L’Oreal has caused Mitchell’s cancer and is asking for damages of unspecified amounts and medical monitoring.

A plaintiff must prove that the product was defective to get this type of settlement. Often, it is difficult to establish that the product is defective. However, if the product caused the plaintiff to suffer an injury, it is easier to obtain compensation.