Modern CRM: Overcome sales, marketing and customer service challenges

Streamline your core business processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Today, customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a pivotal role in the success of business. CRM system is helpful in tracking, managing and storing information of your existing and potential customers.

The CRM system brings information together in a centralized system which makes it easy for users of various departments to access insights whenever they need.

Why you need a robust CRM solution?

Without an integrated CRM system, you may miss the chance to grow your business significantly and the potential to increase revenue – because it is not making the most of customer relationships and sales leads.

Legacy CRM systems has no advanced capabilities to drive business forward.

Legacy CRM systems are powerless to automatically track customer-related data, and companies had to collect information in a usual way like using email, Excel sheets, and other forms. This prevent companies to have the latest information, create marketing campaigns, follow sales leads, and provide good customer service.

Now, advanced CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 automatically grab information about current and prospective customers which is helpful in driving sales, marketing and customer service. The data can include phone numbers, email addresses, websites, social media ID’s, purchase trends and history, and service follow ups. The CRM integrates these data and produce consolidated profile to be shared with various departments.

Modern CRM system seamlessly integrates with various business systems and apps. And it comes with embedded AI, automation and business intelligence capabilities to provide insights, automate business processes and analyze customer data.

In simple words, modern CRM systems like Dynamics 365 help you have a control over your sales, marketing, and customer service – all while maintaining relationships with customers.

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How can you benefit from a modern CRM system?

Here are few ways you can benefit from your CRM system.

CRM system helps monitor each sales activities in the sales process. Track where the sales lead is in the process, the progress of each sales member and who has worked on the sales opportunity

You can link your sales data into CRM system to get an accurate view of your sales. With live view of sales process, you will know if any trouble lies on the winning sales path.

AI and intelligence capabilities enable your sales teams to move with the next best action helping to focus on the leads or customers that are most likely to close.

CRM Automation simplify business workflows. Create sales quotes, collect customer feedback, send email campaigns and alerts with automation. This eliminates repetitive sales, marketing and customer service tasks, so your team can focus on other critical business activities.

CRM system has the features to track customer behavior and presents opportunities to help understand customer engagement across various touchpoints.

Allows service teams to connect customers across various channels. Through social media platforms, live chat, emails, or calls, there are multiple ways you can connect with customers. This builds customer trust that keep your customers visit again.

Helps you gain a competitive advantage in the challenging market place. Scalable CRM solution that is highly secure helps you adapt to the changing customer needs and market.

What can you achieve with Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution?

As you plan your CRM strategy, rely on a solution that efficiently collects, analyzes, and derives insights from data. With Dynamics 365 CRM, you can improve sales, marketing and customer service performance, and ensure outstanding experiences across customer buying journey.

With Dynamics 365 CRM, you can:

  • Discover and engage the right customers and turn them into customers using predictive insights.
  • Get total view of each customer so your sales teams can get a picture of customer’s previous buying history and patterns. With the data, your teams can provide personalized service to customers.
  • Gain complete visibility into the business processes which helps to improve employee productivity.

How does D365 CRM help your business?

Dynamics 365 CRM is designed for organizations of all sizes. CRM simplifies business through automation and increase productivity, optimizes customer engagement and increase marketing effectiveness.

Here we look into the departments that can be benefitted from the CRM solution


  • Generate multi channel marketing campaigns with relevant content
  • Foster sales-ready leads
  • Align your marketing teams with tracking tools
  • Gain insights from advanced data analytics
  • Prioritize the leads that is important to your business
  • Make meaningful and confident marketing decisions quickly
  • Automate routine marketing tasks


  • Engage with customers by understanding their needs and win more deals
  • Discover the right customers and prospects with efficient sales strategies
  • Strengthen relationships with AI insights, accelerate productivity and sales performance
  • Automate sales process with contextual insights and personalize customer experience

Customer Service

  • Offers omnichannel experience
  • Chat bots helps to improve customer engagement with every interaction
  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities base on feedback and surveys
  • Service across all channels and resolve customer cases quickly
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention rate

The Dynamics 365 apps in the CRM includes Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Sales and Marketing.

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