Hairstyle For Curly Hair With Extensions

The curly hair never fails to amuse. Such a fun coiled texture speaks volumes in density and shape. This hair can be a little difficult to manage daily, but you can pull out some amazing hairstyles that can steal the spotlight for you.

Well, if you can’t manage curly hair daily. Curly hair extensions are a great escape. They are yours but still not yours, which gives you leverage to experiment with hair as per your chic without holding any liability. So, let us take a look at hairstyles for curly hair extensions.

Curly hair low bun

If you have curly hair weave extensions, wrap them in the shape of a ponytail, you can slowly put them in a low tie and swirl them to make a loose bun. Then you can put this bun pinned with bobby pin clips. If worn to the official or formal corporate meeting, this hairstyle will look extra professional yet youthful. This hairstyle can further be worn with hoops to elevate the look. 

Top Knot

A very classy and fun hairstyle that brings instant youth and fun to the look. You have to put your curly clip in hair extensions in a big hoop band, place it towards the crown area and then let the ponytail of your coils fall like a bouquet. Worn with turtle neck blouses or tops will elevate the hairstyle even more.

Half Side Lob

Half Side Lob
Half Side Lob

Oh the vintage style with the modern passion twist. Put your curly extensions altogether in one direction and then, with bobby pins, make a curl bend inside. This way, you will have an amazing hairstyle with curly extensions that look timeless. Be it formal satin shirts or dresses. This hairstyle works for all.

Dazzled Cuff Top

A very interesting hairstyle to do with your curly hair extensions when you are in a hurry. Just put all your hair above in a top ponytail, and over the hairband, put a broad dazzling cuff so your ponytail looks fancy and party-approved. This hairstyle with curly hair extensions is effortless yet looks so amazing because of the pretty curls and still a beautiful montage to carry.

Khaleesi Braids

Channel the energies of Game of Thrones, and make these magnificent braids look amazing in curls. This is a must-have hairstyle with curly hair extensions. Suppose you are planning to play with your hair look. All you need to do is divide your hair into two sections from the mid, then from each side, you have to flatten the two braids, which means for braids in total. Then intertwine both braids add back in the middle, and separate them with two different rubber bands. It looks so elegant and playful. The best thing, you can read it at any professional, occasional event and still manage to fit in but with lots of eyes on you.

Distorted ninja bun

Curly Hairstyle
Curly Hairstyle

Unfinished and messy hairstyles are the new trend and thankfully, hairstyles with curly hair extensions can easily achieve them. Ninja buns are sleek, but this hairstyle gives you that princess warrior look with the ninja button method. All you have to do is just like a ninja, but take some hear from your crown area and instantly put them Towards the front. You have to tie them at the lower back with loose knots and leave rest of the hair hanging. To elevate the look more, you can even with fingers, or that they’ll come, lose an update, but in a bit. This wild and free look can be worn on your college days or at friends’ brunch. Looks great with dresses where your shoulders or back is open.

Afro Mohawk

If you have got yourself short, curly hair extensions, this hairstyle will perfectly sit when you are in that crazy punk mood. This goes well with afro hair extensions. All you have to do is gather all your hair towards upper direction and then divide them into 5 to 6 portions. Now, tie a rubber band to each of these portions one by one in a line so that it looks like, you have made cute pigtails on your head. No fluff up the curls from each ponytail so that it looks like the curls are evenly spread. Tidy up the sides with hair gel or mascara or hair gel. Your look is done.

Pineapple Scarf

kinky hair
kinky Hair

Quicker than making an instant Ramen, this hairstyle is so gorgeous and so trendy that it can be done in snaps. All you need is a satin scarf and one rubber band. Gather all your hair into a ponytail. Just make sure your ponytail is at least 4 inches fingers Above your neck, then twist it, and instead of securing the fall of your curls coming on your crown area with the pin, secure it with a scarf. Now spread the scarf at the ponytail joint where the rubber comes towards the crown area, and put scarf of your choice to complete your look. This looks very traditional and very sassy. You can wear this at weddings or family functions too.

Tips Before Making Hairstyles With Curly Hair Extensions 

  • Only style on the hair extensions that are heat friendly, so try to do with human hair curly extensions.
  • When styling your extensions, use a proper detangler brush. It can create a lot of frizz.
  • Before you start making your hairstyle with curly hair extensions, take some water in your hand and scrunch the curlsmore to get a fresh shirt and more coiled-up curls.
  • After you are done with your hairstyle, just put an anti-frizz spray from a distance so that your locks are secured and safe because Curly hair extensions tend to frizz more in a shorter as compared to other extensions.



The beauty of curly texture is unmatchable, and you should do everything possible in your hand. Above are some of the easy and trendiest hairstyles with curly hair extensions that can be done. Just make sure that you follow the steps, especially the type of using curly hair extensions or at least human hair extensions that are easy to hairstyle, And, just like the hair extensions from Indique. So why wait more, quickly go to the website of Indique hair and get the hairstyles of your dream.