Have books translated professionally – you need to know that!

Have you written a book in your native language and would you like to expand your readership beyond the language barrier? Then have the book translated! By translating your book into a world language such as English, for example, you can reach readers all over the world. We have summarized what you should know about having a book translated here.

Books need readers. And readers need books. Whether it’s a literary work or a specialist book, with a book translation you transcend language barriers and also make your book accessible to foreign-language readers.

Language skills, language knowledge and a feel for language are required when translating books

Translating a book requires a high level of language skills and knowledge. The former mean the vocabulary in the original language of the book and the target language into which it is to be translated. The second means the translator’s knowledge of both languages , because a literal 1:1 translation often doesn’t get very far, since every language has its own peculiarities. This is all the more true if your book is not about factual reading material with numerous unmistakable facts, but rather sensitively formulated fiction with many colorful language images or even flowery poetry .

Translations of fiction books as well as volumes of lyrical poetry pose a particularly great challenge for Polish to English translation services . After all, you want your words to evoke very specific reactions in the reader: when reading, they should see the world that you had in mind when you wrote. He should live through all the feelings that moved you while writing. And that in a foreign language that usually has its own language . A professional book translator makes the right choice of words and brings your book to foreign readers as if it were written in their language.

In addition, the translator of your book needs knowledge of the content of the same, especially if it is a specialist book . He should not only know the necessary technical terms, but also know how to use them to translate textbooks.

Have books translated by professionals – these are your advantages

As you can see, the decision to have your book translated is only the first step in a process. The second step is choosing the right translator. A professional provider of divorce certificate translation service, like us as the Lingua-World translation agency , is very experienced in these things.

Translating books/specialist books – that’s everyday business for us. We are experienced in this and only allow native speakers to work on your work! That is why we recommend that you contact us if you wish to have your book translated, so that we can advise you in detail. In the conversation we clarify questions such as:

  • In which language did you write your book?
  • Into which language or even languages ​​would you like to have it translated?
  • Who is the target group of your book – who do you want as a reader?
  • Is your book a literary book, a non-fiction book or a reference book?
  • What knowledge and skills does your translator need to correctly translate the content you want to convey?

Once these questions have been answered, we look together for the right translator for your book . More than 10,000 language experts work for us worldwide, who can translate from and into all languages ​​in the world. Of course, they are all certified translators. As a translation service provider, we guarantee you excellent quality book translations. We regularly have our quality management system (QMS) voluntarily certified according to ISO 9001 – you therefore benefit from certified translation work!

Your book will first be translated by your translator into the target language, which is their mother tongue. He then checks his translation according to the quality standards that we have set in our QMS. After that, an editor receives the checked first translation of your book. He then checks the translation and makes corrections if necessary. We work according to the so-called four-eyes principle , which guarantees you a book translation of the highest quality. You should also know that the proofreaders evaluate your translator’s work using standardized evaluation forms. These are part of our quality control. Thanks to the feedback from the editors, the translators can continuously improve.

Just to give you an idea of ​​how many books are translated into German from which languages, here are a few figures for you (source: Federal Statistical Office, Destatis):

In 2019, accordingly

  • more than 6,000 books from English
  • more than 1,000 books each from French and Japanese
  • more than 200 books each from Italian and Norwegian
  • almost 200 books each from Swedish and Dutch
  • more than 100 books from Spanish
  • more than 70 books each from Russian and Danish
  • more than 60 books from Polish
  • and more than 20 books in Ancient Greek, Finnish, Hebrew, Czech, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Latin

translated into German. A numerous and varied bouquet of foreign-language books that can now also be read in German . Conversely, in 2016, for example, more than 7,300 titles by German-speaking authors were translated into foreign languages , a good fifth of them into Chinese – mainly books for children and young people (source: Deutsche Welle).

We also translate your book into the desired language. Let us talk about your book translation project and plan how we can successfully implement it together.