How a Digital Business Card Is More Effective Than Paper Business Cards to Reach Out to Your Prospects

Digital business cards and paper business cards both have strong points. Both cards can help build business opportunities by growing and optimising your network.

Yet, digital business cards are more effective in reaching prospective clients than paper business cards.

Small Business Loan Specialists from Max Funding attest to the effectiveness of digital business cards. Shane Perry says, “I agree that along with COVID-19, paper business cards aren’t recommended. Instead, businesses should adopt the use of digital business cards. Everyone moves from handshakes to many other styles of greeting that need no physical contact. Thus, it’s not unusual to see this shift for business cards.

With that said, below are some of the reasons why a digital business card is more effective in reaching out to prospects:

1. Easy To Share

Sharing digital business cards among prospective clients or partners is faster, safer, and more comfortable. You can send the card through email, social media accounts, contact numbers via SMS, and other electronic communication methods. Pretty easy. Plus, no need to shake hands. 

2. Unlimited Sharing

Consider yourself at an event where you meet someone. When you describe your business, the person expresses interest in your products or services and requests your professional contact information. You check your pockets, only to realise that you are missing your business cards, which you had forgotten about since you didn’t believe you’d need them. You may lose a potential client or lead due to this little oversight.

However, this would not have occurred with digital business cards since you would have had them on your phone. You may share your contacts indefinitely through any digital medium, including WhatsApp, social media, text messaging, e-mail, etc.

3. Increases Engagement Through Attached Media

Another valuable aspect of digital business cards is that they allow owners to attach media. You can include images, website links, membership lists, subscription forms, etc. In many respects, this is invaluable. Consequently, it guarantees better engagement. On top of that, you can add the media yourself; there’s no need to hire a specialist.

4. Creates A Lasting Impression

Not everyone uses digital business cards. It would be a wise strategy that while your competitors stick to traditional paper cards, you build your brand and make a statement using digital business cards. You’ll create a positive impression and stand out from the rest in doing so. 

5. Can Store Business Information Conveniently

Digital business cards can store quite enough information about your business in one piece. There is no shortage of space, as in the case of paper cards. 

6. Can Be Easily Updated

A drawback with paper cards is you’d have to reconfigure and reprint the cards each time you need to update the content. Additional costs are incurred in the process, which is not practical. Such an inconvenience isn’t valid with digital business cards. The templates of the digital business card let you seamlessly upgrade the details. You don’t have a whole stack of cards to redesign and print. 

7. Cost-Effective

Unlike physical cards, digital cards do not need much money for production. In reality, for many startups and smaller businesses, the cost of producing paper business cards is too expensive. On the other hand, digital cards are free to have since no printing is necessary. The only investment you may spend is on the business card’s design. Still, there’s a massive number of free business card designs you can find online—some are even free.

8. Increased Retention 

Approximately 88% of conventional paper business cards are discarded and trashed. This is due to limited storage and organisation space rather than a lack of engagement with the person or business who supplied it. As a result, when the recipient needs the contact information, the paper business card is nowhere to be seen.

You can easily save and keep digital business cards on your phone. This makes it simple to access anytime you need them.

9. Interactive

Digital business cards are interactive, which means you can make and receive calls, send messages and emails and access social media with just one click. This makes making calls, for example, considerably more convenient and eliminates the chance of dialling the incorrect number and receiving an unwelcome call.

10. Eco-friendly

Digital business cards are environmentally friendly since they do not require cutting trees for paper. This contributes to the environment’s safety and security, allowing for healthful breathing of clean air. It also aids in the reduction of deforestation.

Reach Out To Your Prospects Effectively—Give Digital Business Cards A Try

Paper business cards also work. However, in these challenging times where competition is tight and safety must be given utmost consideration, choosing a more flexible option changes the game.