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How Can Someone Send an Order Directly To A Ship?

Probably you made the mistake of getting the wrong sheets for deployment, or maybe you have a friend or colleague who recently got deployed and is in need of quality fleet sheets, or maybe you just want to get fleet sheets for someone who has already been deployed. The question here now is, how can you send an order directly to a ship?

Well, sending an order directly to a ship is not as difficult as a lot of people think. All you need to do is send it via USPS (United States Postal Service). Once you send your USPS to an FPO address, there are other things you need to take into consideration to ensure that the fleet sheets get to the right destination. If you do not, you might end up sending a package that does not get to its destination.

  1. Enter the full name of the addressee

This is one thing you need to take seriously. You need to ensure that you fill in the full name of the addressee properly to make sure that it gets to the right person. Without this, you will end up sending it to the wrong person. This is one of the things people get wrong and is a major reason why people eventually feel that an uncomplicated task like sending something over to a ship is difficult when it is not.

  1. Enter the Unit or Post Office box number

Aside from the full name, another important consideration when sending an order directly to a ship is the unit or post office box number. This is a piece of valid information that helps to ensure that the package gets to the right ship and not some random ship without a proper receiver. 

  1. Enter the City and, state and the zip code

Aside from the name of the addressee and the PO box number, some of the other information you need to add is the city name, the name of the state as well as the zip code. For the name of the City, it should be entered as either DPO, FPO, OR APO. Avoid entering the actual name of the City when filling in the actual information. When adding state information, you need to fill it as AA, AE, or AP. Again, avoid entering the actual name of the state. Finally, you need to add the five digits zip code for the ship.

Bottom Line

Do you want to send a package over to someone on a ship? With USPS (United States Postal Service), you can get anything you want over to them without any hassles. With all the necessary information added as highlighted, you definitely will be able to get it to the right destination without any problems with a lost package. Do you have fleet sheets you want to send over to any Naval ship? These are the right steps. For the best fleet sheets you can send over to Naval ships, head over to fleetsheets today and make a great selection you will cherish.